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Horror Books Published Recently That You Should Read This Halloween

 Hey, everyone!! Long time no see. I have been super busy with life and haven't found a way to manage blogging or YouTube into my spare time, but I miss it. I recently was having a discussion in a BOTM Facebook group and they asked me to share some recent horror publications. I thought it would be cool to compile a list of horror reads for the last five years that I recommend as well as show you some of the books I am most interested.
2021 Releases:
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The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix- 5 stars Slashers/ Thriller Horror/ Feminist Horror
The Crossroads at Midnight by Abby Howard- 5 stars Graphic Novel/Short Stories/ Monster Horror/ LGBTQ+
Artie and the Wolf Moon by Olivia Stephens- 5 stars Werewolves/ Graphic Novel/ Coming of Age/ YA-MG/ LGBTQ+/ Black Stories
Grimm Tales from the Cave Anthology- 2.5 stars Fairy Tale Retelling with Horror Blend
 The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass- 2 stars Ghosts/ Paranormal/ YA/ LGBTQ+/ Black Stories
Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca- 4.25 stars LGBTQ+/ Body Horror
You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes- 5 stars Thriller Horror/ Serial Killers
The Babysitter by Liza Rodman and Jennifer Jordan- 4.25 stars True Crime/ Serial Killers
Goddess of Filth by V. Castro- 4 stars Possession Horror/ Gods/ Coming of Age 
Near the Bone by Christina Henry- 5 stars Monsters-Creature Feature/ Abduction/ Survival
Chopping Spree by Angela Sylvaine- 4 stars Slasher/ Cults/ Gods
She Ain't Pretty by Renee Miller- 2 stars Gods/ Cults/ Succubus
What Big Teeth by Rose Szabo- 5 stars Dark Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Gothic/ Supernatural/ Monsters/ Dark Fairy Tales/ LGBTQ+
The Initial Insult by Mindy McGinnis- 4.5 stars Retelling/ Edgar Allan Poe/ Revenge
The Mermaid Saga Collector's Edition Volume 2 by Runiko Takahashi- 4.5 stars Mermaid Horror/ Immortality/ Monsters/ Demons
The Project by Courtney Summers- 5 stars Cults/ Religion/ Mystery *here cause cults are scary*
The Route of Ice and Salt by Jose Luis Zarate- 2 stars LGTBQ+/ Vampires/ Dracula Retelling
A House at the Bottom of a Lake by Josh Malerman- 5 stars Coming of Age/ Monster/ Underwater Horror/ Traveling Through Portals or Doors
After the Rain by Nnedi Okorafor- 3.5 stars Horror Fantasy/ Graphic Novel/ Black Stories

2020 Releases:
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True Crime by Samantha Kolesnik- 4.5 stars Serial Killer/ Dark/ Splatterpunk/ Extreme Horror  *huge trigger warnings for child sexual abuse/assault*
Hunted by Darcy Coates- 3.5 stars Horror Thriller/ Trapped in the Woods
Night of the Mannequins by Stephen Graham Jones- 5 stars Slasher/ Psychological Horror
Anoka by Shane Hawk- 4 stars Flash Fiction/ Short Stories/ Paranormal
The Women of Weird Tales Anthology- 4 stars Short Stories/ Paranormal/ Gothic/ Death/ Demons/ Vampires/ Immortality
Mermaid Saga Volume 1 Collector's Edition by Rumiko Takahashi- 5 stars (read 2x) Mermaid Horror/ Demons/ Monsters
Devolution by Max Brooks- 3 stars BIG FOOT/ Survival/ Monster/ Creature Feature
The Haunting of Beatrix Greene Volume 1- 2 stars Paranormal/ Ghosts/ Penny Dreadful Inspired/ Haunted House
The Last Halloween Volume 1: Children by Abby Howard- 5 stars Monsters/ Body Horror/ Paranormal/ Graphic Novel
The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix- 5 stars Vampires/ Paranormal/ Feminist Horror
The Auctioneer by Joan Samson- 4.25 stars (I am counting Valnacourt's releases of Paperbacks from Hell) Thriller/ Suspense/ Literary Horror
A Nest of Nightmares by Lisa Tuttle- 4 stars Short Stories/ Feminist Horror/ Weird Fiction 
Let's Go Play at the Adams' by Mendal W. Johnson- 4.5 stars Torture/ Thriller/ Suspense/ Body Horror
Malorie by Josh Malerman- 3 stars (sequel to Bird Box) Post-Apocalyptic/ Monsters/ Thriller
Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare- 4 stars Slasher/ Thriller/ YA
Teen Killers Club by Lily Sparks- 3 stars Serial Killers/ YA Thriller
Mary: The Adventures of Mary Shelley's Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter by Bea Grant & Yishan Li- 4 stars YA/ Graphic Novel/ Monsters/ Paranormal
When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole- 5 stars Black Stories/ Thriller/ Suspense
Fear Street: The Beginning by R.L. Stine- 3.25 stars overall (Includes: The New Girl, The Surprise Party, Overnight, Missing) YA/ Thriller/ Suspense/ Mystery
 It Came from the Multiplex: 80s Midnight Chillers Anthology- 4 stars Short Stories/ Body Horror/ Paranormal
Ever After by Olivia Vieweg- 5 stars Graphic Novel/ YA/ Zombies/ Post-Apocalyptic
Home Before Dark by Riley Sager- 5 stars Haunted House/ Thriller
Fangs by Sarah Anderson- 4 stars Graphic Novel/ Vampires/ Werewolves
The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones- 5 stars *my favorite book in 2020* Body Horror/ Paranormal/ Indigenous Stories/ Final Girl
Venus in the Blind Spot by Junji Ito- 3.75 stars overall Body Horror/ Manga/ Paranormal/ Short Stories
Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia- 4 stars Paranormal/ Gothic
Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power- 5 stars YA/ LGBTQ+/ Paranormal/ Body Doubles
Beach Nightmare by Steve Foxe and Alan Brown- 3 stars Children/ Graphic Novel/ Paranormal
The Last Book on the Left: Stories of Murder and Mayhem from History's Most Notorious Serial Killers by Last Podcast on the Left- 4 stars True Crime/ Nonfiction/ Comedy
The Other People by C.J. Tudor- 4.5 stars Mystery/Thriller/ Paranormal
The Return by Rachel Harrison- 4.5 stars Paranormal/ Monster-Creature Feature/ Haunted Hotels
The Sun-Down Motel by Simone St. James- 5 stars True Crime inspired/ Mystery/ Haunted Motel/ Ghosts

2019 Releases:
Drop Dead Gorgeous by R.L. Stine- 3.5 stars Vampires/ YA
The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware- 4 stars Gothic/ Mystery
The Invited by Jennifer McMahon- 4.25 stars Haunted house/ Witches/ Ghosts
 Never-Contented Things by Sarah Porter-  4.25 stars Faeries/ Dark Fantasy/ LGBTQ+
The Girl on the Porch by Richard Chizmar- 3 stars Serial Killer/ Thriller/ Suspense
In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado- 4 stars Nonfiction/ Abusive Relationships/ Gothic/ LGBTQ+/ Feminist Horror Exploration Through Storytelling
Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror and Speculative Fiction by Melanie Anderson and Lisa Kroger- 4.25 stars Nonfiction/ Feminist Horror/ Biographies
Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom by Sylvia Plath- 5 stars Novella/ Fantasy Horror
Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline- 4.5 stars Werewolves/ Indigenous Horror/  Paranormal/ Thriller
Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky- 1 star Fantasy Horror/ Religious Horror
Elevation by Stephen King- 3.5 stars Fantasy Horror/ Novella
Wilder Girls by Rory Power- 5 stars Body Horror/ YA Horror/ LGBTQ+
American Predator: The Hunt for the Most Meticulous Serial Killer of the 21st Century by Maureen Callahan- 5 stars True Crime/ Serial Killers/ Unsolved Cases
Bunny by Mona Awad- 5 stars Body Horror/ Cults/ Academia/ Lovecraftian Body Inspired

2018 Releases:
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Creature! Vol. 1-21 by Shingo Honda- 5/4/4.25/4.5 stars so far for the six volumes I've read Body Horror/ Monster Horror/ Scifi Horror
Sheets by Brenna Thummler- 4 stars Graphic Novel/ Ghosts/ Paranormal/ Coming of Age *not horror, but ghosties*
The Price Guide to the Occult by Leslye Walton- 4.25 stars Witches/ Paranormal/ Cursed Families
The Merry Spinster: Tales of Everyday Horror by Mallory Ortberg- 3.75 stars Dark Fantasy/ Fairy Tale Retellings/ Short Stories
I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer by Michelle McNamara- 4.5 stars True Crime/ Serial Killers
Rust & Stardust by T. Greenwood- 5 stars Based on True Crime/ Kidnapped/ Thriller
Nightingale by Amy Lukavics- 3.5 stars Aliens/ LGTBQ+/ Historical/ Scifi Horror
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White- 5 stars Frankenstein Retelling/ Horror/ Serial Killer/ Monster
The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay- 4.5 stars Psychological Horror/ Hostage/ Apocalypse/ Thriller
 The Sleep Tight Motel by Lisa Unger-4.25 stars Thriller/ Paranormal/ Short Story
Hannah-Beast by Jennifer McMahon- 5 stars Thriller/ Paranormal/ Short Story
Lizzie by Dawn Ius- 3 stars YA Thriller/ Lizzie Borden/ True Crime/ Historical Fiction
You May Now Kill the Bride by R.L. Stine- 2.5 stars YA Horror/ Witches/ Historical Fiction/ Paranormal
The Wrong Girl by R.L. Stine- 1 star YA Horror/ Mystery/Thriller
Moon of the Crusted Snow by Waubgeshig Rice- 5 stars Post-Apocalyptic/ Indigenous Horror/ Dystopian

2017 Releases: 
Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero- 4 stars Lovecraftian Horror/ Scooby-Doo Fanfic/ Paranormal/ Aliens/gods
The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe Manga Classics- 4 stars Short Stories/ Manga/ Classic/ Edgar Allan Poe
The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter- 5 stars Mystery/ Thriller/ Body Horror/ Psychological Thriller
Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant- 5 stars Killer Mermaids/ Monster- Creature Feature/ LGBTQ+/ Scifi Horror
Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire- 5 stars Dark Fantasy/ Portal Worlds/ Monsters/ Vampires/ Frankenstein/ Immortality/ LGBTQ+
Animosity Volume 1- 4 stars Animals Attack/ Body Horror
Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s & '80s Horror Fiction by Grady Hendrix and Will Erickson- 4.25 stars (honestly, probably higher; plan to reread) Nonfiction/ History of Horror
Final Girls by Riley Sager- 5 stars Thriller/ Slasher Elements
Mapping the Interior by Stephen Graham Jones- 5 stars Indigenous Stories/ Paranormal/ Supernatural

That's my list of all the horror I've read in the last five years and released in the last five years. I left out two or three that are so horrible and don't even want to recommend. Any from this list on your horror TBR? Let me know down below in the comments!

Horror Books Published Recently That You Should Read This Halloween

 Hey, everyone!! Long time no see. I have been super busy with life and haven't found a way to manage blogging or YouTube into my spare ...