Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mini Reviews: Two Unsatisifying Reads

Swoon by Nina Malkin

DNF after 2 chapters (any further and my eyeballs would've fallen out of my head.)

I was rearranging my bookshelves today when I came to the horrifying realization that I would have to doublestack on a shelf. That is something I've never done and almost cried doing. So I've decided to start purging some books. I've been wanting to read this book for years. I was so excited when I found it at a used bookstore and I've had it on my shelf for around four years now. I waited far too long to pick it up because my interest in this style of storytelling has waned.

My problems lie with the characters and writing. The writing is absolutely juvenile and so basic that it feels like even a five-year-old could read it, but I discourage that because these idiots are smoking pot in open public. At least smoke it in a car, not a public park where you could infect the birds with your toxins. Also all the characters have to HAVE a monosyllabic nickname- i.e. Dice, Pen, Sin- the stupidity rages on. This is not a good idea at all and it's far from witty. It's douchey.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 1

Dice also likes to subtly point out how her cousin has big books boobs and is perfect all while sounding envious and downright cruel. Pen is a human being, too, what's the point in trying to tear her down? She also let Pen climb a tree and then saw the danger of it, but decided to stand idly by and do absolutely NOTHING. Once she falls off the tree, she doesn't even call for help and when she gets possessed by a creepy man who was apparently hanged on the tree- why help? She doesn't need an ambulance or a priest. Just walk it off.

Same, Harry.
Also she's psychic! Just another specialty to check off of the extra special qualities shopping cart.

Character Scale: 1

Five years ago this would've probably been at least a four star read. Two years ago I would've at least given it two stars. Now I won't even waste my time because I like my brain and I have better things to fully immerse myself in. Someone else will love and cherish this novel for their bookshelf.

Cover Thoughts: It's a very cliche cover. Girl plastered at bottom making an orgasm face or Photoshopped from a Covergirl add+ some mist+ a basic "creepy" ass tree= your old school paranormal cover.


I.D. by Emma Rios

1.75 stars

I.D. follows three people who are no longer satisfied with their mediocre lives. They think the solution to their problems is a body transplant. The concept of this graphic novel is simple, but very fascinating. I thought this was going to be a strong story and poignant, but I found it to be very lacking. The story itself is only about 67 pages long with art and words to develop a plotline and because this is a very brief story I expected there to be more of a punch behind the stories. The idea was there, but the execution was not.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 1.5
The characters are Noa, Charlotte, and a man whose name is not really mentioned. They all long for something different from what life is giving them. One wants to become the gender they identify, one wants to escape a boring existence, and one wants to understand what defines humans. It's a great concept, but these characters were bare bones minimum. They offered almost no emotion and I felt no empathy towards their lives and their reasons for undergoing a body transplant.

Character Scale: 1
The art was done in red and white, which was very aesthetically pleasing. The art itself was rather bland and unappealing. Overall, it's a short graphic novel and if you are interested pick it up, but it's not a story that I'm rushing to recommend. I think a lot of people will enjoy this story, I was just not one of them.

Art Scale: 2

Plotastic Scale: 2

Cover Thoughts: The cover is what drew my attention to this story. It's very eye catching.

Thank you, Netgalley and Image Comics for allowing me to read this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review.

Have you read either of these books? What were your thoughts on them? HAPPY JULY 4TH! Leave me a comment down below and let's discus! 

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