Sunday, April 6, 2014

Faux by Ken Hattaway


Faux by Ken Hattaway

Prequel to Bloodline

2 stars

Hmm... How do I explain Faux? Well basically there's some random demons placing bets on this girl named Dakota. I'm honestly not sure what the hell was going on. I know Dakota has dreams and she has her boyfriend drop her off at this psychiatric hospital or clinic. Then it just kinds of fizzled out into abrupt WTF-ery.

Maybe I missed something somewhere along the line, but I now understand why this is no longer for sale on Amazon. A) Because this short is short as hell. B) This is just random nothingness. C) Plot? What plot? D) Thank God, it was free! This probably could've been like a sample for the book Bloodline. In all honesty Faux would probably be better suited as a prologue than as a prequel. I will probably give Bloodline a shot because it wasn't a completely idiotic spree and it does have potential. I mean who can say no to dragons, but I'm just not feeling this.

Cover Thoughts: I think the cover is pretty cool. It's well-done compared to most self-published authors' covers and I like the icy feeling the cover gives off.

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