Monday, June 2, 2014

Mini Reviews: The Not So Great Ones and A Good One


Among the Thorns by Veronica Schanoes

3 stars

You know what I’ve noticed lately in literature? When kids say they are going to do something they usually keep it. This little girl definitely does. She vows to destroy the village that killed her father. *maniacal laughter* The plot thickens and not all is what it seems in this story. I quite enjoyed it. It’s a quick, chilling read that Karen recommended and I read it because it’s what I do when free things that sound good stumble my way.

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous. Even though it's not for an official book it's a pretty amazing cover.

P.S. This is free on so go read it: here


My Past with Mr. Parker by Nicole L. Farrell

2 stars

Ronnie meets Chase on a holiday vacation and they fall in love. She finds herself pregnant. Then as fate would have it Chase is her new teacher and the other new teacher just so happens to be his girlfriend. GASP! Wattpad stories. You can all act like you haven’t read one or just pretend it doesn’t exist but I read this one. It was pretty bad, but the drama made it fun. The constant clothes descriptions, bad grammar, and random sentences made this laughable. Did I laugh? Yes. All in good fun, of course. This isn’t a sophisticated read, but it’s fun. Like My Immortal bad fanficiton fun.

Cover Thoughts: It could've been worse?


Dating for Keeps by Rachel Hogan

1.5 stars (I’m generous to the indie writers)

Tessa doesn’t stay in a relationship for very long… ever. So her friend bets her that she can’t stay in a long lasting relationship with the cute guy at the bar. She decides to take her up on that offer and she really wants to master bedroom in their new apartment.

So this was pretty bad. I mean Hogan tries. She tries hard. I bet she wants her own Christian Grey but a tamer version. That’s basically what this guy seems like for the longest time. Basically their hot dates consist of steamy business talk. Sexy. Tessa also notices Lucas doesn’t always have a British accent. *gasp* He’s supposed to be British! Tessa is also an idiot who believes that anyone who says they are a FBI agent without even showing identification is a real agent. 

Oh and Lucas loves her within less than two months. The epitome of bad tropes and idiots is all over this book. And let’s not forget to add the typical NA kissy cover. *throws tropes into the air like it’s confetti*

Cover Thoughts: NA cover trope. Basic cover is basic.


  1. The first one sounds good. I'm going to read it.

    1. Oh! It only costs 99 cents!

    2. It's free on I left a link. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Huh sounds like none of these are really worth the read, to be honest. Maybe the first one. The last one sounds especially frustrating with the instalove and all.

    1. The last one was horrible. I was so done with the stupidity and it was horrible. Nothing but tropes. The first one was definitely the best. They were all pretty quick reads so it wasn't time consuming.