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The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes

29775870The Trouble with Dukes by Grace Burrowes

4.25 stars

First in the Windham Brides series & Spin-off to the Windham series

“Wealth only looks like it gives a man power. In truth it makes him less free.”

The Duke of Murder is the talk of the town. He’s fierce, unruly, and a Scot. Everything that polite women in society turn their noses up at, but Megan Windham feels that there’s more to Hamish that unfitting title of the Duke of Murder. While Hamish battles with himself and his new feelings for an English woman, Megan battles the unwanted affections of a lecherous man after her inheritance and he will stop at nothing… even if it means destroying Megan’s reputation. I was approached by the publisher to review a physical copy of this novel, which is very rare for me. I couldn’t say no to this novel because it has a hero with the title of the Duke of Murder and he is a Scot! This book is practically made for me because I love Scotland and I gobble up Scottish historical romances like candy. I haven’t read the Windhams novels so I have no ties to the majority of the characters mentioned and showcased in the story, but that didn’t lessen my overall enjoyment. It made me want to read the about this wonderful cast of characters.

“Death is within anybody’s grasp. The greater challenge is to live, and to love despite our errors and failings.”

The writing in this historical romance is very well-written. Usually HRs are light and don’t contain much depth, but this one had a lot of great quotes and discussions about war and what it does to a man. I really enjoyed how serious this novel was while also being incredibly sweet and romantic. It was a perfect balance.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 4.25

“A ball is a test of endurance. Think of it as a forced march.”

The main female character is Megan. Megan is red-haired and bespectacled, which is not a common mix in the HRs that I’ve read. She’s also incredibly fierce, but she also is na├»ve to others and it costs her a great deal throughout the novel. She also speaks Gaelic, which is awesome and very beneficial in winning the heart of a very hardened Scottish duke. She’s just a fun heroine that definitely made the story fun and memorable.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 4

The main male character is Hamish. Damn, Hamish is the perfect package. He’s sweet, caring, awkward, handsome, funny, and Scottish. I adored his jokes, especially the nicknames that he gave the Windhams- Worsthaven, Cowlick, Rosebud, and he was the highlight of the story for me (which is usually the case for HR). A successful HR has a hero that charms me silly. I loved how Hamish is a damaged character because it made him real. I understood the choices he made because of the war that he fought in and how it affected him. Grace Burrowes also said that she mirrored Hamish with Jamie Fraser in mind. Enough said.
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Swoon Worthy Scale: 5
The Villain- What a douchebag. Sir Fletcher is the most annoying character in this novel and the most despicable. He was trying to sink my ship with his manipulative, conniving ways and that is not acceptable.

Villain Scale: 4

The characters in this novel are all sweet and lighthearted characters. There is a lot of Windhams and it is easy to get lost and forget which is which, but that’s the charm of having such a big family.

Character Scale: 4

I adored the relationship in this novel. It was so sweet and romantic. All of my notes consist of “Aw, so sweet!” about twenty times. This sappy romance stole my heart and made me squeal with happiness. Sometimes a sweet, romantic Scottish historical romance is all a woman needs. Definitely recommend this one for HR lovers or anyone looking for something fun and light!

Plotastic Scale: 4.5

Cover Thoughts: I personally like this cover. In comparison to others in the genre it’s a good one.

Thank you, Forever Publishing for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
This novel comes out  today, 12/20/2016! Are you planning to pick up a copy? Let me know down below in the comments some of you're favorite Scottish heroes in HR novels! 

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