Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Forgotten by Cat Patrick


Forgotten by Cat Patrick

3.5 stars

Every night at exactly 4:33 A.M. London Lane loses her memory of that day while she sleeps. She has no memories of her past only memories of the future. London relies on notes and her best friend Jamie to remember things from school. Luke Henry isn’t easy to forget, but London can’t find him anywhere in her memories of the future. London keeps having a memory of something she can’t figure out what’s going on in. London has to struggle to make amends, remember things, and find out the secrets her mother guards closely. Forgotten started out strong, but it had so many flaws. The concept is fascinating, but it’s a concept that’s hard to be done right. You can either make it amazing or fail at it. To be honest I’m not sure if Patrick fails at it or triumphs in it. There were times when I liked the concept of London losing her memories of past events, but it also had so many flaws. Patrick did do a pretty good job with it considering it’s her debut novel. This book isn’t amazing, but it isn’t bad either. I want to give it a solid 4 stars, but to be honest that doesn’t seem fair. 4 stars would be too much and I think this book is far too good for 3 stars.

The main female character is London Lane. Let me just say this. I don’t like her name it sounds like a fancy boutique in Beverly Hills not a person. London isn’t a very nice character. In fact she’s a bitch. Probably the bitchiest of heroines I came across in 2012. She reminded me of Cady Harren who was a bitch, but didn’t realize it and that made her a really big bitch. London calls her best friend a slut in hopes of getting her to not go through with something that could ruin her whole entire future. Aside from treating her best and only friend like crap, which resulted in a long fight for over three months, she also treats her mom like crap. Her mom keeps secrets from her and London treats her like the plague. Ignoring her and cutting her off, giving her the cold shoulder, and pulling the victim card. It annoyed me even more that she didn’t have a problem with her mom until her notes told her that she was mad at her for keeping secrets. I just didn’t understand why she was so rude to people. London plays the victim card a lot and tries to act like other people lying and keeping secrets is hurting her, but it’s OK for her to do it to other people. She really ticked me off with the whole fight between her and Luke because it was stupid and London was just acting like a child. I honestly didn’t like London. She did have her good moments, but really they weren’t enough for me to like her.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 3.5

The main male character is Luke. Luke is a pretty average guy. I don’t picture him to be as mouthwatering as London describes him to be. Girls don’t fawn over him so it makes it hard to believe. That are London was just completely oblivious to the stares of the girls that did think he was attractive. Luke is on a crew team in a picture that London sees in his house. I had no clue what a crew team was and had to Google it. Here’s my results:

I hadn’t been expecting that at all. Luke also spurned the most ridiculous line I’ve heard in YA. He had a theory that he and London were married in a past life. >_> I laughed so hard at the ludicrously of this and then when they were coming up with their past life and who they thought they were I died.

I did start to like Luke a lot more towards the end though. I don’t know he was just more tolerable and less annoying.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 5

The Villain- This book didn’t really have a villain. It’s just hard to explain without giving away the ending.

Villain Scale: 4

I liked Jamie well enough. I didn’t hate her or like her all that much. She was a lot better than London though. London’s mom was actually a good mom and London was just too much of a brat to see it. This wasn't a very character driven novel.

Character Scale: 5

There were a few problems I had aside from the characters. There was a huge time jump right after London started dating Luke. A three month time jump! That’s a big jump. That time could’ve been used looking for her dad and grandmother and trying to figure out the nightmare memory. London also made this huge assumption about who she saw in the casket of said memory. It came completely out of nowhere and made no sense at all. London’s condition was hardly explored. Where did it come from? Is it just her that experiences this? So many questions I had and all I got were possibilities. The possibility of why London loses her memory of the day before at 4:33 A.M. made sense but it was enough evidence or proof to hold up. This book did have a really good twist. I didn’t see that coming at all. I had thought I knew exactly what the twist was going to be and I was wrong. I’m glad I was wrong because it made the book so much more enjoyable for me. If you knew the twist then either you read spoilers and skimmed to the end and saw it while flipping through. There is no way any one could’ve seen that coming. Kudos to you Ms. Patrick for that brilliant idea. This isn’t a bad book. It’s actually a pretty good one. It’s not amazing but I definitely recommend it for a quick read.

Cover Thoughts: I love my cover of the book and the cover pages inside. OMG it’s just so beautiful. I love the butterfly and just the coloring. I love it.



  1. I thought London was a bitch too. I felt like the mystery part was forced in. The author sort of forgot about the mystery element half way through the book. When I first read the book I really liked it. Now I sort of resent it.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more, Dabin. You hit the nail on the head perfectly.