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The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz

The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods, #4)

The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz

Fourth in the Blue Bloods series

4 stars

At the end of Revelations, Bliss Llewllyn discovered she was Lucifer and Allegra’s daughter and was harboring a sinister Silver Blood. A year later, Schuyler van Alen is on the run from the Venators after being suspected of killing her own grandfather in Rio during the epic battle that took place. Mimi Force is a Venatore searching for Jordan Llewllyn, Bliss’s younger sister in this cycle. Mimi struggles with her attraction and growing love for Silver Blood, Kingsley Martin. Bliss is fighting a dangerous battle with Lucifer for her body and mind. The Van Alen Legacy lacked something compared to the previous three books. This book didn’t keep me nearly as entranced and took me a while to read. The first half was slow and dragged on a lot. The last half was amazing and I sped through it hungrily. I loved that ending though. It was so good and heart stopping. I literally caught my breath a few times and my knuckles turned white from clutching the book tight. One of my favorite things about de la Cruz’s series is that she has a lot of really good twists and turns. There is a lot of timeline jumping in her books and some people struggle with keeping up, but I actually really enjoy those time jumps.

The main female characters are yet again Schuyler, Bliss, and Mimi. I’ve always hated Mimi, but she started to grow on me the last book, but in this book she won me over and became my favorite POV of The Van Alen Legacy. She wasn’t her usual Mimi Force self. We got to see another side of her, a real side of her, not the fake, vain, vindictive, and manipulative Mimi from the previous books. I like this Mimi a lot. She had the best storyline, too. I feel like with every book Mimi’s role gets stronger and stronger (I still stand by that because I’ve read all six books and have the seventh). Schuyler and Bliss were interesting, but Schuyler isn’t as interesting as she usually is. She was good but nothing like, “OMG, I need more of her POV! Let me read more chapters so I can get to hers.” Bliss- I still like her and I think I always will. I really want to read her spinoff series before starting the last book.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: Schuyler: 7.5 Mimi: 9 Bliss: 8

The boys didn’t disappoint either. There’s Kingsley, Jack, and Oliver. I absolutely LOVE Kingsley. He is my man in these books. I adore him and swoon over him and he’s absolutely perfect. Just thinking about him makes me jump up and down girlishly inside. KINGSLEY MARTIN IS PERFECTION! He is one Silver Blood I wouldn’t mind running away with. *swoons* Jack grows on me in some books and then in others he is very mehish for me. I can never decide if I like him or hate him. Same with Oliver. I know he won’t end up with Schuyler, but I love Oliver and think he deserves a happy ending. Sadly no girl has been provided in any of the books for Oliver except Schuyler. I personally don’t want to see him wallow over her for the rest of his life.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Jack: 7.5 Kingsley: 9.5 Oliver: 8.5

The Villain- I just love the villains and twists in this series. So go pick up the series and find out how good it is. Already trying to persuade readers and not even done reviewing yet? Yep, that’s what I do.

Villain Scale: 8

Character Scale: 8.5

Long story short these books are amazing and perfect and I love them. Even though this one lacked immensely compared to other books I still liked it. I actually enjoyed it because of the last 50%. I’m sure if I didn’t have that 50% I wouldn’t have liked it nearly as much. De la Cruz always is able to win me over when it comes to her books.

Cover Thoughts: I like this cover. It’s graceful, subtle, and beautiful. Really it’s a very stunning cover. I didn’t get to enjoy looking at because there was something on the girl’s eye on my copy. I hate when that happens to library books. Anyway I like the cover a lot, but it’s not the best of the covers for this series.

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  1. I like this cover too, though, I didn't really like the story. It just...kind of fell flat for me starting with the third book. DX

    1. I know that a lot of people struggled with the series after Revelations. Sorry you didn't like it Delaney! As they say better luck next time!:D