Sunday, February 3, 2013

All Over You by Emily Snow

All Over You (Devoured, #0.5) 

All Over You by Emily Snow

Devoured prequel

4.5 stars

Before Sienna was devoured, before Lucas was consumed, they were all over each other . . . Lucas Wolfe gets what he wants and that’s the way it should be when you’re a famous rock star. He wasn’t expecting to be attracted to the new wardrobe assistant and he wants her more than he’s ever wanted anyone. Sienna is lucky to have gotten this job and she obediently responds to Lucas with “Yes, Mr. Wolfe” even when told the most blushable things. Three days is all it takes before their story starts. I didn’t know what I was expecting with All Over You. I had first seen the cover Devoured so long ago and knew immediately that I needed to read it. I recently purchased a Kindle and this one is a freebie so I downloaded. I absolutely loved this novella.

The main female character is Sienna. I really like Sienna. She’s funny, smart, and I liked her. I want to know more about her because there were just so many secrets in this novella. I’m sure I would’ve understood these secrets better if I had read Devoured, but I haven’t read it yet.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 8.5

The main male character is Lucas.  

This man… I’m sure a lot of people don’t like Lucas, but I love him. He reminds so much of Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria. It’s like being inside of their minds and oh, how I wish to be around those boys.

Lucas is your typical rock star. He gets the ladies, has the asshole attitude, is sexy as hell, and can write and sing a song that would make any girl swoon. I want a rock star boyfriend. Completely unrealistic and not going to happen (one of my friends is dating a guy in a band so it’s not completely unlikely), but I want that. This book made it seem possible. I should mention this though. Lucas likes bondage… a lot. Just so you know. Bondage doesn’t bother me all that much though.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 10

The Villain- This is a novella therefore there isn’t really a villain, but I think I know who’ll cause problems even more in Devoured.

Villain Scale: Nonexistent

I want to see more of the band members and I really liked Lucas’s sister, Sophie. I thought the characters were all funny even though they didn’t play huge parts they all had a presence.

Character Scale: 9

I really want to read Devoured now! This was a lot better than I was expecting. I now have a new book boyfriend. I need that right now after all what I’m dealing with. This novella made me happy again and I need to be happy right now. I can’t wait to read Devoured, but first I need to read some of the purchases I made on my Kindle. But Devoured is first up on my books bought for my Kindle, because I NEED more Lucas!

Cover Thoughts: You may not know this and the guy on the cover probably doesn’t know this either, but he is my future husband. It will happen. I mean look at that guy! He’s absolutely gorgeous. I need a man like that! That girl can go away because he’s is mine. I love his tats and his hair… and his face. God, why is he so damn fine?! 

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