Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Amazon's Curse by Gena Showalter

The Amazon's Curse (Atlantis, #5)

The Amazon's Curse by Gena Showalter

Fifth in the Atlantis series

3.5 stars

Zane is a fierce vampire warrior enslaved by the Amazons after losing the Gods games in The Vampire's Bride. Nola is an Amazon warrior that has been cursed with invisibility after losing the same treacherous games. Now these enemies are finally coming together to break free of the curses that have befallen them. Well I wanted to read this novella immediately after finishing the Atlantis series, but I didn’t have an e-reader until now. I thought this would be amazing, heart stopping, satisfying romance novella. It was satisfying, but not heart stopping or amazing. I had really high expectations for this novella because I really liked Nola and Zane in The Vampire’s Bride.

The main female character is Nola. Nola is a lot more likable in the novella. If you’ve read The Vampire’s Bride you’ll know how she pretty much ruined Zane’s life anyway she could get and absolutely hated and lusted after him. I like Nola, but compared to Delilah, her fellow Amazon, she wasn’t as strong as a character. She didn’t have a presence. She was there, but not really there; which is really ironic to say because of the curse. I didn’t even realize it until I thought about it. I’m a genius.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 7

The main male character is Zane. I really liked Zane in The Vampire’s Bride. I was rooting for his happiness. I loved his attitude, but he seemed a lot more broken The Amazon’s Curse. It made it really hard for me to like him. I just didn’t like him as much. It was a bit of a letdown because I liked him a lot previously.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 7

The Villain- The Amazons are the villains. Really I didn’t care whether any of them lived or died. The Amazons know how to fight and we didn’t even get to experience the battle. Rip off.

Villain Scale: 5

Layel and Delilah made an appearance. They were just so cute together and they have a baby on the way! YAY!

Character Scale: 7

This novella was a huge letdown for me. I feel like if this was an actual novel it would’ve been so much better. The characters lacked their usual umph, the Amazons were terribly developed, and the romance wasn’t as heart stopping as it was last time. It also really bothered me how Nola went from loving her sisters to hating them all because of Zane. Then again she didn’t really like them all that much previously, but the change was still really fast. This was good and entertaining and I liked it, but the things I mentioned bugged me.

Cover Thoughts: Look at them abs! I love the Atlantis covers and this is no exception, but it’s not the best or the worst. Mediocre at best.

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