Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cover Wars #5

Welcome to my fifth edition of Cover Wars!

I think I've seen a few other blogs do similar things like this at some point or another, but since I'm too lazy to post a review, here's what I'll post when I have nothing else! But a review will probably becoming on the blog later tonight or tomorrow.:)

A Basic Overview:

What is Covers Wars? Well, for my version of Cover Wars I have two sections. One section is the original cover versus the new cover or paperback vs. hardcover. Then the second section is English/American cover vs. a foreign cover that I've found and have an opinion. I'll showcase each cover and give an opinion. Why I really want to do this is to see people's different opinions on covers. So, please leave your reactions in the comments! That sounds really formal! Just tell me if you like the cover or not or any thoughts at all! I'll get my sister to make a banner for me later on to use it as a header! (She's the creative/ techy one.)

Let's begin with the results of last week!:)
The Covers That Won:
 Since I didn't really have enough voters last week, I'll be featuring the two pairs of covers that no one voted on, but these are the two that one.
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This is the Swedish cover of Starcrossed and the Dutch version of Between Shades of Gray. They are very beautiful and I think they are rightful winners to the thrown. If you didn't realize that these were the last two covers for each of these books until future covers I come across, so they are the queens.

The Original VS. THE NEW:
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Original VS. Movie Edition 1
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
My Thoughts:
No one gave feedback on this set and honestly I don't blame anyone, but now that I think about it these covers are just so generic. I still think the original is better though.

Flower Cover (Winner from Two Weeks Ago) VS. Girl Cover:
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Before I Die by Jenny Downham

Thoughts :
Same as last week because copy and paste is easier than writing out new thoughts because I'm too tired. I love, love the flower cover. It's just so simple and pretty. I know, we have another girl cover for this book, but I actually like this one more the more that I look at it. There's just something about the look in the model's eyes that screams "Tessa" to me. I remember that when I read the book I couldn't look at the cover because it felt like I was looking into Tessa's soul. This is a tie for me and I can't decide which on I love more because the model one is starting to be more impacting the more I stare.

The English VS. Foreign Edition:  
9713071 7991200
The English VS. UK Edition
Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly
This is one of the best angel books I've read and I can't wait for the final book in the Angel trilogy to be released. If you didn't know Angel Burn was originally released under the title in the U.K. as Angel before it was released in America.
I love the cover for Angel Burn. I think it's absolutely stunning and it's just gorgeous. The little design around the title is also beautiful and fun to trace in person. (Yes, I trace my book covers when looking at them.) I don't really like the U.K. cover. The girl looks demonic and she gives a creepy feeling.

Past US Winner VS. UK/NZ Edition:
8183728 6586599
The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore
This book popped up a few wars ago and the paperback edition trumped the hardcover and it's now back to ago against the UK/NZ edition.
I stand by my love for the paperback edition and chances are that my love will remain for it. Is it just me or does the girl on the foreign edition look like one of the girls from Gossip Girl?

Just me?

What are your favorites? Is it both hardcovers or paperbacks? Or do you like foreign editions more than American? Leave your thoughts in the comments!Let the wars begin and may the covers ever be in your favor!


  1. Holy monkeys... that does like someone. O_O
    I sometimes like the foreign edition; but sometimes the older version is better than the upgraded version.
    Thanks for stopping by Bookwyrming Thoughts! :)

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    1. So it's not just me! It's crazy how similar they look!

  2. New Moon--original cover all the way. Have you seen that they changed the black to white box set, it looks gorgeous but I have no need for buying the series since I did not enjoy them.

    Before I die--I still really liked the flower one much better. Even though having a monochrome picture of a model makes it a little more impacting I still feel the flowers is amazing.

    Angel Burn--I agree with you! That model looks creepy and she looks like she's about to look for some little kids. XD

    The Splendor Falls--I don't watch Gossip Girl but you are right! Have you seen a list on GR where they compare the covers to celebrities? Anywho I still love the UK, the one without the Gossip Girl's face on there.

    I'm doing good, band is just amazingly fun. We just had a car wash which was so much fun becasue we were attacking each otehr with wet sponges. XD Sucks becasue we can't go to away games anymore because they can't fund it. I know, my school is poor. We don't have a football field or money buses for band to go.

    1. I didn't see them... Off to do a quick search. Wow, they are really pretty! I like them so much more than the black covers. I won't be buying them either because I don't love the books, but those are some gorgeous covers.

      I see what you mean. The flower one is better, but I do love the monochrome on quite a lot.

      She's like something from a SK movie. LOL

      No, I haven't seen that list! I must look for it though. Sounds interesting.

      That sucks. We had to cut back on going to away games, which sucks because I love bus rides. The car wash sounds like fun. I haven't worked one in a year. No football field? That's terrible!