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The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

20640318The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

First in the Deanna Madden trilogy

3.5 stars

Deanna Madden lives inside of apartment 6E. Deanna Madden doesn’t go outside or let anyone inside. Because if she does, she can’t promise they’ll come out alive. Sounds interesting right? Believe me, it is. I didn’t even tell you the rest and I bet this novel already has your interest piqued. Deanna Madden is the only surviving member of her family after her mother went on a killing rampage and destroyed everyone Deanna knew and loved. Deanna, herself, experiences the intense urge to kill. It wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t done it before. But she liked doing it and wants to do it again. Deanna supports herself by being sex webstar. She has the oddest clients, but they don’t really bother her. Until one client is too fixated on one little girl and Deanna knows something is wrong. Then there’s Jeremy, the UPS guy who has become obsessed with Deanna. Who is the mysterious girl who’s voice he hears from inside? Why doesn’t she come outside?

I heard about this book from a blog that, sadly no longer exists. I was immediately drawn in by the fact that this girl is a web porn star who has murderous urges. This novel is everything it promises, but it lacks in some departments. This book is definitely, for lack of better words, fucked up. Deanna is sick and reading from her POV left me feeling a little icky. The Girl in 6E is also a very readable novel; it’s hard to putdown. The chapters are short and keep the suspense of Deanna’s life going. Who would’ve thought the life of a hermit could be entertaining? Well a murderous hermit with a porn website is definitely a new twist. This book is weird, but it’s a good weird. It’s the type of weird where you enjoy the wrongness of it. Kind of like a Flynn novel, without the dynamic characters and amazing writing, but with it’ll leave you with the same repulsed feeling.

Honestly, a lot of scenes in The Girl in 6E seem a little too convenient. I can sustain my disbelief, but some of these things would not ever happen. I also think I should mention that besides Deanna and Jeremy’s POV we also get sprinkles of Annie, Annie’s mother, and the child abductor’s POV. It doesn’t hinder how the story flows; in fact I think it strengthens it.

“I don’t know what is sadder, expecting myself to fail or being too scared to dream of success.”

Whimsical Writing Scale: 3.5

The main female character is Deanna. Deanna is a tough character to like. I know I’m not supposed to like her or sympathize with her, but I like Amazing Amy even though she’s batshit. You see, my problem with Deanna is that she contradicts herself. Deanna wants to slay everyone, but she also wants to save this little girl, Annie. Being filled with bloodlust and wanting to save the day makes her the weirdest killer/ heroine I’ve ever come across. Deanna also makes a lot of stupid decisions. Mainly because she’s driven by bloodlust and can’t see past her animalistic rage; she’s no calculating killer, that’s for sure.

“That long, agonized scream was for the life I had taken, both hers and mine. It was a scream for what, in that instant, I had become.”

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 3

“I can only hope that I never have such a devastating effect on the world.”
The main male love interest is Jeremy. Could I even call Jeremy a love interest? I’m not sure. The way that Jeremy and Deanna officially meet has to be one of the most entertaining couple meetings I’ve ever read. Basically, Jeremy busted into Deanna’s apartment because she didn’t answer and the door happened to be unlocked. She’s filming her usual videos and then she tries to kill him with his own box cutters. Then they made out while she was naked. It’s a pretty entertaining experience, but also just so out there. Could you imagine explaining that to your kids one day? Jeremy wants to be the hero, but I don’t really know if he’s good at it. He seems just as off his rocker as Deanna to want to be with a girl who exhibits psychopathic tendencies. But it’s true lurveee.

“It is a battle raging in my mind, sex versus murder, and I am cataloging the different weapon possibilities within reach.”

Swoon Worthy Scale: 1.75

The Villain-It would be easy to say that Deanna is the obvious villain in this story, but she isn’t. There are two characters that tangle in a deathly dance with both sick minds. The mind of a killer vs. the mind of a pedophile who has killed plays out in the final mission that leads Deanna to leaving her hobbit hole. Both are characters are sick and calculating.

“This is premeditated. Planned. I am driving along this road with every intent on killing this man.”

Villain Scale: 4.5

I really like Annie; she’s the embodiment of all that Deanna has lost. She represents the siblings she lost as well as her innocence. Annie is such an entertaining character to read from because she only wants to do well and doesn’t seem the horrors of the world yet. I also liked Annie’s parents; they are very broken because of a physical handicap that has them living poorly, but you can tell they love each other and their daughter. It’s warming to see some light in such a dark novel.

Character Scale: 3.5

I have to say that there is one scene in this novel that absolutely horrified me. I’ve never read such a brutal murder before and it was kind of physically sickening. Not because of the murder, but because of the horrifying madness portrayed. The ending wraps up well; a little too well for my tastes. I do plan on reading the rest of the trilogy because it's completely entertaining.

Plotastic Scale: 4.5

Cover Thoughts: The cover kind of has a horror movie poster vibe; which I like. I don’t love the cover, but I do think it’s intriguing.

Thank you, Netgalley and Redhook for giving me the opportunity to review this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Oh my God! What are you doing reading this type of book? I loved it! Some things were convenient, yes, but more convenient than what happens in YA? Never!

    1. I'm 17, so it's okay.:) That is true, but I've read some YA that didn't have convenient plots. I just felt that some of these plots like the UPS guy who happens to want to know more about her were convenient.

  2. Oh my God! What are you doing reading this type of book? I loved it! Some things were convenient, yes, but more convenient than what happens in YA? Never!