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Seduction of a Highland Warrior by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Seduction of a Highland Warrior

Seduction of a Highland Warrior by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Third in the Highland Warrior trilogy

4.5 stars

Alasdair MacDonald is sworn to preserve the peace in the Glen of Many Legends. It’s easier said than done. Kendrew Mackintosh and Alasdair can never let their feud die even though the King says that they must. It doesn’t help that his heart belongs to Kendrew’s sister, Marjory. Marjory will do anything to unite the clans. Her friends have already married men from warring clans and she wants to do the same even if it means seducing Alasdair. Marjory has always loved him, but there’s a threatening presence in the glen and it could be the end. I always seem to read historical romance series out of order. I don’t regret doing that this time though because I loved this book. I had wanted to read a Highland romance for a while and I finally got the chance. I absolutely adored the tale of these Highlanders. There was magic in little parts of the story and it was refreshing to read something besides YA or paranormal. The writing was very entrancing. I loved how much detail went into describing the Glen and the clans’ strongholds.

The main female character is Marjory. I liked Marjory and her quips with Alasdair were fun and amusing. I liked her spirit and it was refreshing to read about someone with so much willpower to win a man’s heart. I did get frustrated with her when Alasdair and Marjory were caught and a fought broke and some were said. It brought about one of the things I hate most in romances. When the heroine doubts the man she loves even though it is blatantly obvious that he is wrapped around her finger. It did make Marjory a more believable character, but it was still frustrating.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 8

The main male character is Alasdair.

I love Highlanders and Alasdair is perfection. I needed a swoon worthy Highlander and I got one. I wish they had more highlanders in YA it would prove interesting, but it’s probably best left in adult fiction. Alasdair was dashing and definitely a fun character. I could list a thousand reasons why I loved Alasdair, but I figured that might take the fun out of reading the book and finding out for one's self. I wish I had a Highlander.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 9.5

The Villain- I’m actually really disappointed with where it was going. Although the villains did manage to infuriate me and hope they didn’t mess anything up. I was still disappointed. There wasn’t a paranormal villain like there had been hinted at, but it was still interesting.

Villain Scale: 7

Isobel was probably my favorite character because of her scheming to make sure that Alasdair and Marjory. Kendrew infuriated me with trying to marry Marjory to any Norseman that walked by, but I did like him. I really liked all the clansmen and I enjoyed the POVs of Dragan and Seona. Each character was interesting and had a special distinction from one another.

Character Scale: 9
I loved the tale weaved and the romance. I am slightly letdown by the ending, but also pleased. I do plan on reading the previous books in the trilogy and hope to fall in love with more Highland warriors.

Cover Thoughts: I like how the cover is painted, but I didn’t picture Alasdair to look like that. It is beautiful though.

A copy was provided by Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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