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Forbidden to Love by Debbie Davies

Forbidden to Love (The Erosians, #1)

Forbidden to Love by Debbie Davies

First in The Erosians series

2 stars

Acacia was made by Zeus almost a year. She was made for Eros the God of Love in hopes of making him happy and forgets about his lost love. After the third time of Zeus lying to him Eros says that he has a year to return his love or their will be a war. Eros rejected Acacia and is forbidden to love anyone else but Eros. Acacia was content with this until she sees an auraless mortal. He stole her breath away and she hasn’t been able to forget about him; no matter how many times Allana to stay away. She’ll do anything to be with Josh even it means the depths of the Underworld as punishment.

5 Reasons Why I Should Have Loved Forbidden to Love:
1. It has Greek mythology.
2. The Greek mythology is a different new take and sounds refreshing.
3. Acacia sounds determined to fight for love.
4. This auraless love interest should sweep me off my feet.
5. There are the gods and love auras and matchmaking.

5 Reasons Why It Didn’t Work For Me:
1. Acacia has no personality.
2. Josh is just as boring.
3. The pointless war between Acacia and the other sister (whose name I can’t remember) was dumb.
4. The ending was obvious.
5. There just had to be a insta-lust-love and a love triangle.
I could finish this review here, but I’m not because I should elaborate on things.

The main female character is Acacia. Acacia has absolutely no personality. I understand that she isn’t human or was even born, but I feel like she should’ve developed a personality and hobbies. For once I would like a writer to write about someone that isn’t born but has likes, interests, dislikes, and opinions. Another thing I didn’t get is that Acacia is a god but she doesn’t know anything about them. She didn’t even freaking know that Hades had abducted Persephone.

This make me weep for humanity if the world is the fate of someone’s hands that doesn’t even know probably one of the most well known mythologies ever. I only pray that she knows about Pandora’s Box because we don’t need her ruining into one and then releasing it upon the masses.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 2

The main male characters are Josh and Luca. Josh was the apple of Acacia’s eye for 2/3 of the novel. Acacia put her life on the line for someone that doesn’t have a personality. He is just as boring as Acacia. So maybe they are perfect for each other. Josh is nothing but eye candy. Not once did my heart flutter for him. Then once what we all knew would eventually happen, Acacia finds herself in the Underworld. Enter Luca who is similar to Acacia but different. Luca falls in love with Acacia rather fast, but in all honesty I liked Luca a thousand times more than Acacia and Josh combined. Luca in my opinion should leave Acacia alone and find someone with a brain, personality, and isn’t selfish.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Josh-2 Luca-7

The Villain- Well there are several probable villains and a whole lot of unnecessary problems. None of them are scary or intimidating. Not even Hades.

Villain Scale: 1

Allana is the first Erosian and she is a lot like a mom to Acacia. I liked her well enough, but as of the ending I think she is a complete and total moron. Then there’s the other Erosian that is a jealous mess and I don’t see the point of her other than being a tool to make Acacia look innocent.

Character Scale: 2

Another thing that bothered me is that Acacia says yeh and erm way too much. Not yeah, but yeh. This makes absolutely NO sense. I also find this one particular quote even though it has no purpose other than to make me laugh.
“I see the only thing Zeus improved with each Erosian was their bra size and not their IQ.”
Oh, Persephone you are totally awesome. Please be mean to Acacia more often because she is so annoying. There is too cases of insta-love. One took a little bit more time because it was just lust, but the other was BAM! YOU LOVE ME AND I LOVE YOU LET’S MAKE OUT! Nothing about this book made me gasp, but my favorite thing out of this whole novel was the mythology. It was only thing that I hoped to like and still wound up liking.

Cover Thoughts: This cover is horrible. I thought it was an erotic romance the first time I saw it. The old one believe it or not is somewhat better.

They are still both terrible and she needs to find better cover artists.

Thank you Netgalley and Createspace for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Oh, you changed the look of your blog! I love it!

    1. Thanks, Lectus! I love it, too! So much funner and prettier, too!

  2. Blah! Insta-love and love triangles, let's do a table flip on not trying to write some decent relationships that fully flesh out! And please, no cardboard cut-outs, please.

    1. That's what I'm saying, Delaney! It's starting to get frustrating. While it may have not bothered me as much a year ago I'm bothered by it now. Some depth with all those pages, please.

  3. Eeeek! This sounds like the type of read that you'd be checking the page count or percentage all the time just to see when the torture would be over! Sorry this didn't work for you, Sarah! Thanks for the honest and helpful review. :)

    1. That's exactly how it was Rachel! Thanks, Rachel! :) Glad you found my review helpful.

  4. Yikes. I love books based Greek mythology, but it is so rarely done right. Great review! It sucks it didn't live up to its full potential.

    1. Me, too. I know! It is so hard to find a good Greek mythology YA now days! Thank you, Natalie. :)