Monday, June 17, 2013

The Dream-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Dream Hunter (Dream-Hunter, #1; Dark-Hunter, #11) 

The Dream-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

First in the Dream-Hunter series and tenth in the Dark-Hunter series

4 stars


There are gods that watch over the dreams of humans and there are gods who prey on them. Arik is a god that is cursed to live an eternity without emotions. The only way Arik is able to feel anything is through dreams. He’s finally found a dreamer whose dreams are so real that he can feel emotions even after the dream. Dr. Meageara Kafieri is in search of Atlantis. Her father ruined his whole life over the quest for Atlantis and she promised to find it for him when he was on his deathbed. Geary is in Greece and searching the sea for any signs of the lost city, but she finds a stranger floating in the sea. She’s seen his face many times, but only in her dreams. Arik holds more than ancient secrets that can help her find Atlantis. He made a pact with Hades to be human for two weeks in exchange for her soul. Arik is realizing that it’ll be harder to let go of Megeara than he expected and being mortal is quickly becoming a nightmare. This is probably my least favorite Dark Hunter book, which saddens me because I love this series so much. I was excited to start this book. I mean the cover is absolutely gorgeous, but it was lacking. I didn’t feel any chemistry between Geary and Arik like the other couples. They had a little bit, but it was as obvious as some of the couples.

The main female character is Geary. I don’t like Geary or hate her. My feelings are neutral towards. Sometimes I liked her sarcastic jokes, but other times I would find myself rolling my eyes at her. She was actually pretty stupid for someone who knows so much about Greek mythology. She knew what could happen if she released Apollymi and she said that not all myths could be true. Umm… your logic is wrong. You have a freaking cursed god as your lover-boyfriend, so I think it’s safe to say that myths have some truth.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 7.5

The main male character is Arik. There were times when I loved Arik and then there were times when it was fleeting. One minute I was swooning and the next I was rolling my eyes. He just seemed so immature for someone that is over 20 thousand years old. He didn’t steal the show for me. I swooned a little bit, but besides his amazing good looks he wasn’t that memorable. I have a soft spot for him, but he is far from being my favorite DH hero.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 8

The Villain- I knew that it would happen eventually. I respect this Oneroi and I even want him to have more character growth in a novel.

Villain Scale: 8

There was NO Acheron until the very end! This saddens me and I have to address that final chapter. You know who really stole the show for me Solin and ZT did. I am in love with these two. Solin better end up having a book because I need to know about him! He makes me laugh so much and ZT is just so mysterious and I loved the small parts he was in. Kat made an appearance and I remembered her from one of the previous books. I still don’t want her to be Acheron and since I’ve looked at the Acheron page on the SK website I know she doesn’t. I vote ZT because there was chemistry. Tory was my favorite of the characters on the Atlantis search team. I feel like she’ll end being in a book. In fact, OMG! My little brain just thought of something and it was confirmed! I’m mind blown. This Tory does show up and the series and guess who she ends up with it!!!!!!!!!! Not bragging or anything, but I figured that Geary’s grandfather was rescued by Acheron! I know these things! My life is completed until I pick up the next book. Like this makes me so happy. I knew there was no way that she was just going to leave Atlantis alone!

I’m tempted to just skip to Acheron’s book, but I want to read all the ones before then so I don’t miss anything.

Character Scale: 9

That ending! Well that one chapter I must address. In the last chapter before the epilogue we see M’Adoc being shipped to Acheron at Kyrian’s house and Nick is there. I started crying you guys! Not because of what was happening, but because it was the old Nick. Nick before Seize the Night (which is one of my favorite books in this series) and it hurt. There was also that foreshadowing if you haven’t read that book of just two little lines and it broke my heart and that was when the waterworks came. Seize the Night ripped my heart out and this brought all of that back. I miss Nick before and it saddens me to see the old fun, playful Nick that was in all of the books. I just I can’t even… It hurts so much. This book takes place before Kyrian even met Amanda and when Zarek was still in Alaska. This through me off completely, but I liked revisiting the past. It made me realize how fragile we humans are and how things change so instantly. Enough of my depressingness. This book was somewhat of a letdown, but I think I’ll be picking up Dream Chaser as soon as I finish my pile of books I’m currently reading.

Cover Thoughts: I absolutely love the cover. Arik is so sexy. I’m in love with those eyes and hair. *swoons*


  1. I recommend you read through them, this was actually one of my least favourite books in the entire series, I've only read it about twice which should give you some indication of how much I lover the Dark Hunter/ Dream Hunter world. Anyway Acheron is just WOW so your patience will be repaid. Also did you know they are making a tv series out of the books, when I found out I seriously almost died of excitement. I don't want to spoil anything for you cause I'm a nice girl but you will see more of Tory, I love her!

    1. I have to agree that it's one of my least favorites. I recently found out and I'm so excited for it like I can't even! I can't wait to get to Acheron, but patience is virtue. So happy to find another DH fan!