Wednesday, December 31, 2014

November Book Haul

Happy New Year's! I'll be posting my video of Top 14 of 2014 soon! Probably film it tomorrow. I've been very busy on my break with Christmas and my birthday, but I'm trying.:) Hope your holidays were fabulous! See ya soon.:D


  1. I think we might have the same bookshelf! Although yours looks much more stable, mine collapsed. Twice. xD This is what I get for trying to put things together myself. Anyways.

    I recently just picked up Book of Spells too, I haven't read any books in the series though. I'm also excited about The Young Elites. Nice haul!

    1. Awesome! I got that bookshelf from my mom when I was younger. Oh no! I would cry. My bookshelf is pretty sturdy. Haha I get my dad to do that for me.

      Me neither! But since it's a prequel I think we'll be okay. Thanks, Alise!