Thursday, May 12, 2016

Movies I've Recently Watched

I'm not much of a movie buff, but recently (the last three months) I've really become a fan of movies. There are so many great movies that I've come across recently and feel the need to gush about!
10 Things I Hate About You
This is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love the comedy, the romance, the character growth, and Heather Ledger. Plus Kat's feminist attitude is my spirit animal at school. I've seen this about five times now and I still love it.
The Breakfast Club 
I think this may be my favorite movie. Don't get me wrong Harry Potter films are the best, but this movie is the epitome of a great film. It's funny, enduring, has social commentary, and consists of some of the greatest actors of the 20th century. I've seen this movie about thirty times and can quote multiple scenes from heart. Every time I watch this I discover something new and it never gets old. The themes of this film are MY FAVORITE.
My first time watching Clueless was in March and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I heard that this was a loose adaptation of Emma by Jane Austen and after reading the graphic novel adaptation of the story I can definitely see the similarities. It's a great comedy and I liked the characters, but the ending was just wrapped too smoothly and felt rushed. 
Erin Brockovich
 I watched this on AMC one day and I had been wanting to see this movie for sometime after seeing it on a feminist movie list and watching the trailer. This movie is great! It follows an unemployed single mother who uses her wits and persistence to land a job at a law firm and uncovers a corrupt company endangering the lives of a small town's water supply. It's based off of a true story and it is so funny and inspiring. Plus Julia Roberts is an amazing actress. 
I saw this about a month after it came out when it was still showing in theaters. I remember how interested I was in this movie 1) because anti-hero and 2) because a movie guy I like loved it. I am not a fan of superhero movies. The only superhero I like is Batman and that's because he's good intentions are blurred by ambiguity. Gotham is an evil town and Batman is just as corrupted as the rest. I love that kind of shit. Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man, The Avengers, The Hulk, etc. I've seen the movies or bits and pieces of them, but don't actually like any of them. Deadpool was funny, explicit, and didn't give two fucks about offending anyone. I loved it. 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
I really like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and I was excited to see this one. My mom and I really enjoyed this one. The humor was great and the story resonated with us because I'm going off to college and living away from home. It was a cute film and I really enjoyed it for what it was worth. 
The Babadook
I watched this with one of my best friends who loves horror movies. Chris Stuckmann really loves it and so does Katie from ChapterStackss. They both really recommended during the Halloween time and I have been wanting to see the movie since. The film follows a mother and a son. The little boy was born the same day his father died and at seven years old he is the anti-christ (not literally). His mother is at his wits end and when she reads to him one night she comes across the story of The Babadook and it is creepy. This film had a great plot and the ambiguity of the monster was fantastic. The monster being depression and it living in the basement represents how depression is always there, but sometimes not overwhelming was so amazing. I'm a huge fan of this movie and definitely recommend it for psychological horror fans. 
I Am Legend
I have seen bits and pieces of this novel, but haven't seen it's ending or beginning. I have finally remedied that and must say it's a good film. I do disagree with the action-packed ending and wish that it would've been closer to the novels ending, but I know that the alternate ending for it exists. So that gives me so comfort. Also Will Smith quoting Shrek as a way of expressing his feelings to people is A+. 
The Matrix
To be honest, I've never really felt the desire to watch this movie until recently when browsing through YouTube. It was highly recommended and I know that people love this film and AMC struck again with knowing what movies I wanted to see the most. I LOVED this film. It starts out in the most uninteresting way and I thought it would be another movie I wouldn't finish, but then Morpheus is introduced and he reveals what the Matrix is and  OMGOMGOMG. The best fricken' plot ever to be thought of '90s sci-fi films is created. This film is totally badass and captivating. SO COOL. 
Midnight in Paris
My English teacher highly recommended this to me and I absolutely adore it. There's the Fitzgeralds, Ernest Hemingway, Salvador Dali, Picaso, and so many great artists. Plus Kathy Bates. This movie is so quotable and beautiful. It's a great film. 

Have you seen of these movies? What are your thoughts on them? Have any recommendations for me? Let me know down below in the comments!

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