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Renegade by Erica Stevens

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Renegade by Erica Stevens

Second book in the Captive series

3 stars

Aria is free. She’s no longer a blood slave to Braith, the prince of the vampires, but she isn’t safe. She’ll never be safe as the daughter to the leader of the rebellion. Aria is running and trying to forget the love that she felt for Braith who has betrayed her and broken her heart. Braith has become a monster. The man who never owned a blood slave now owns multitudes of them and relishes in torturing and killing anyone who looks at him funny. But he still longs for the woman who betrayed him and plans to go after her. Braith wants to make her pay and suffer and goes into the woods with just that purpose. Obviously, this isn’t a groundbreaking novel. It’s not going to be the type of novel that changes your perspective on life or moves your soul to the core, but I wasn’t looking for that when I picked up this series. The first book, Captured, was so much fun. This series has dark content and I quite enjoy dark themes, so it’s right up my alley. Not everyone is going to enjoy these books and I pointed out in my review of the first book that there are a lot of grammar issues, but it’s an indie author and I’m holding up to par with the level of fanfiction that is fun. There’s two types of fanfiction: the type that is so well-written and moving that you read it over and over and the type that you laugh at, but can’t stop reading because you’re trash and you love it. (Sidenote: I'm excluding the fanfiction that is so bad that you can't read it.) This book is the latter. I didn’t laugh at this book, but I know it’s not a great novel. It’s a fun novel and that’s what I wanted. I got a fun novel with a lot of dark and cheesy themes and I liked it.

The writing in this novel is fast-paced. It’s really hard to put the book down because Stevens does an excellent job of keeping events interesting and there are a lot of interesting scenes in this book. This is definitely a more action driven novel than the previous novel. Captured focused more on the day-to-day interactions between Braith and Aria, but Renegade focuses more on being on the run. There is always something to run from in this novel. It makes for an intense story, but when things start to slow down the grammar inconsistencies become more prevalent. For example, towards the end there’s a scene where Braith and Aria are learning what their connections is and the author called it two different things. I was so confused. Get it together and know what you are introducing to this world so the readers aren’t confused.

Whimsical Writing Scale: 3

The main character is Aria. Aria is hardened by the events that occurred in the previous novel and the devastating loss and betrayal she feels. Wah-ah-wah-ah. I really don’t care. I mean to be honest the reason why these two now hate each other is because of lack of communication and being easily manipulated. I did like Aria because she’s a fun character to read from, but she doesn’t have any distinguishable character traits and nothing about her sticks with me. I finished this book two weeks ago, and I’m struggling to explain her personality because she is more of a cardboard cut-out. She is mended, broken, and shaped to fit the story the way Stevens wants it to go and she doesn’t have any characteristics that make her a good character.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 3

The main male character is Braith. Braith is a “stone-cold” monster in this book. I didn’t really feel that. He didn’t make my skin crawl and my heart swoon like the Darkling. He made me frustrated and annoyed. He felt just as melodramatic as the situation of these two star-crossed lovers. I do like Braith and feel that he has more development that Aria, but for me, he fell a little flat in this novel.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 3

The Villain- EVERYONE. No one can be trusted and everyone must be killed to save Aria. LOLZ This is the way that Stevens writes and it isn’t a bad thing, but it makes everyone so annoying and unlikable. It is frustrating because it isn’t done in a GoT type setting, but in a melodramatic vampire uprising with a bonus love story setting.

Villain Scale: 2

There is no character development in this novel. Some new characters are introduced and they are interesting, but I don’t really feel a deep connection to anyone. I did however enjoy the two characters that were introduced towards the end and I enjoyed the backstory that the author provided because I ended up liking the characters quite a bit

Character Scale: 2.25

I really enjoyed the action in this novel and where the novel went and has set the series up to go. There's a lot to look forward to, but. I know the big BUT. Overall, I feel a little disappointed by this book. Not much because this book was so much fun to read and it’s fast-paced, but upon reflecting for my review I see how many problems I had with the story and characters. I do recommend this series for those who enjoyed the first novel or people who love books that feel like trashy fanfiction. I was conflicted on continuing this series, but I’m also trash and know I will spend my money on the next book.

Plotastic Scale: 3.5

Cover Thoughts: MEH. It’s your basic bitch YA cover for a paranormal romance. Bloody roses are a vampire thing.
Have you read any good books where the second one kind of flopped? Are you interested in this series? Let me know down below in the comments, I'd love to hear from you! 

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