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Vampire Crush by A.M. Robinson

Vampire Crush

Vampire Crush by A.M. Robinson

4 stars

Sophie McGee’s life is pretty normal. There aren’t super hot guys checking her out when she walks by, her routine is normal, and aside from investigating for the high school paper and hoping to snag the editor and chief spot, she’s a normal high school girl. There weren’t any vampires luring in her hallways. Then a bunch of kids that looks and sounds like they’ve stopped out of a Dracula movie come to school. She’s assigned the task of getting to know four of them while competing for the editor and chief spot. She wasn’t expecting James Hallowell to come back to town or the fact that he turns out to be a vampire! I know, I know. You’ve heard this summary before it’s nothing new and probably not entertaining. Five dollars says you think this book is another Twilight-wannabe. You’re wrong this book is not Twilight at all. I was wrong to and I was glad to be proven wrong. The characters are what really made this book different from most YA paranormal books.

The main female character is Sophie. Sophie is witty and sarcastic. Her attitude is hilarious and I found myself smiling or stifling giggles while reading with other kids looking at me like I was weird. She was probably the reason I enjoyed this book so much. I loved how she wasn’t afraid to be different or fight for what she wanted.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 9

The main male character is James. James is not heartthrob worthy, but I still liked his character. I found it refreshing how Sophie reacted to him and thought it was funny. He’s not the most appealing male I’ve come across in YA, but he’s not the worst. It’s a plus that he doesn’t sparkle.

Edward just wasn't able to handle James or Sophie's awesomeness in this book.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 7.5

The Villain- Vlad was a pretty good villain, but nothing all that shocking. All though the twist was interesting he wasn’t a very scary villain.

Villain Scale: 7

Violet was my favorite of the foreign vampires. She brought life to the story and it was nice having someone other than Sophie able to make me laugh. The other vampires were interesting, but I didn’t really feel their presence and they were sometimes easily forgotten.

Character Scale: 8

I think it’s awesome that this book openly mocks Twilight and other vampire books while the book is a vampire book. That’s ballsy. In honor, of the mocking of vampires. Here's some funny stuff to stay true to Sophie. 

Just one more.
 Robinson needs to write another book because I’m sure her next book will be just as good. I definitely recommend this book if you’re look for an entertaining and funny read.

Cover Thoughts: I like the cover. It’s what had caught my attention and made me want to read this book. In my opinion it’s a good cover because at least it caught my attention.

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