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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse (Twilight #3)

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Third in the Twilight series

3 stars

We are once again in Forks, Washington. Edward is back along with the rest of the Cullens, but things are different. Bella and Edward are engaged at the end of New Moon and are keeping it a secret. Jacob is a werewolf, which makes him a sworn enemy to the Cullens and by extension Bella because she one day hopes to become a vampire. Victoria is raising an army of vampires to fight the Cullens in hopes of concurring and getting revenge. All while in the midst of the battle she has to make a final decision between Edward and Jacob. To be honest, Eclipse was the best book in the series for me. The writing wasn’t all that bad like in the previous books. Was the writing amazing? No, I don’t think Meyer can give me an outstanding writing style with the Twilight books. The writing wasn’t nearly repetive as the previous books, but nowhere near as beautiful as Laini Taylor or some YA authors I’ve come across.

The main female character is once again Bella Swan. Bella Swan, have you ever thought about your initials and how they are BS? You know why they are BS? Well, because you’re full of BS. Bella, Bella, Bella, where to start. Well you were the most infuriating thing about this book. Forget Edward or Jacob’s idiotic selves, your idiocy takes the cake or in this cake a ring since you’re getting married.

Bella pulled a really stupid move during the battle and I’m sure all of us have read about it, seen it on the big screen, or heard about it through the Internet. Bella kisses Jacob right in front of Edward. This pissed me off even when I was a fan, but thinking back on it now even though I hate Edward it still pisses me off. What makes you think it is okay to kiss another man in front of your fiancĂ©? Oh, I see you think it’s OK because there’s a pretty good chance Jacob might die or your dumb self knows that you’ll probably never see him again once you marry Edward. Bella Swan you’re full of BS and you are one stupid, ignorant girl. If you’re getting married I think you should start thinking about the outcome of these kinds of impulses that could get you in a vampire divorce. Is there such a thing as vampire divorce? Probably not and knowing how vamps work has to do with one of them dying. Hopefully it’ll be Bella if their happiness starts to fade.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 1

I was going to give her zero, but there were a few moments I did enjoy her.

The main male characters are once again Edward and Jacob. Edward didn’t piss me off nearly as much as Jacob. Jacob what don’t you understand? Just because you have the hots for Bella you can’t shove your tongue down her throat, especially not if said girl is ENGAGED! You know what I think Meyer just wanted us to be pissed off; well I am because cheating is wrong! Edward, I’m sad to say this but I sympathized with you for a little while. Of course it was only during that one part, but still that’s about all the love you’re going to get from me. Edward baffles me though still in this book. He’s been a virgin for over a hundred years. That’s a whole new meaning to 40-year-old virgin. I do somewhat respect him for holding for so long, but it also seemed like Meyer was pushing the belief that if you don’t wait until marriage you’ll go to hell. I’m Catholic and it’s a probably a shock to hear this, but I don’t think you’ll go to hell for having sex before marriage. At least not with today’s society because most teenagers I know would have a seat reserved for them in hell. I just don’t see why they had to wait until marriage. I get that Edward is old fashioned, but not everybody in the old days was pure and waited for marriage to have sex.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Edward- 1 Jacob- 0

The Villain- Victoria is back and she’s ready to get revenge on the Cullens. Victoria isn’t all that scary just manipulative and she pushes people to get what she wants. Her army was just a bunch of new vampires that were to driven with bloodlust to be able to do anything for themselves. Victoria was like the Queen Bee and they were her worker bees. When you think about it it’s a smart idea, but not all that original.

Villain Scale: 4

The werewolf pack and the Cullens put their differences aside for a couple of chapters to defeat Victoria, but by the end of the book they are once again enemies. I enjoyed learning more about the history of some of the Cullens mainly Rosalie. I enjoyed those stories, but if I remember correctly Bella attends a campfire like party and hears a Quilete tale, which was so utterly boring. I was intrigued by Bree Tanner though who was killed by the Volturi. Maybe I’ll read Bree’s story one day, but I’m not in a hurry to read it.

Character Scale: 3

That's right I enjoyed Eclipse. Was it perfect no, but I enjoyed it.

My main problems were Bella, Jacob, and how Meyer was pushing beliefs on the readers. Aside from that I did enjoy Eclipse and think it’s the best in the series. If you are curious about Twilight, but was disappointed with the first maybe skipping New Moon and going to Eclipse is the best idea.

Cover Thoughts: The cover is supposed to represent choices that Bella has to make. I think that it is Victoria’s red scarf and Meyer is trying to look deep by giving some stupid meaning. What would’ve really made that believable is if it was a string breaking. You know eternal soulmates string? No, well it’s a legend that I’ve read about a few times that says you and your soulmate are connected by a single red string.

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