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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4)

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Fourth in the Twilight series

2 stars

SPOILERS Ahead! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Alas, we are finally at the end of a long road of sparkly vampires, oversized dogs, stalkers, obsessive friends, and a Mary Sue who ran the show. Breaking Dawn is a big ass book. It is whopping 756 pages! For a fifth grader (which was how old I was at the time of reading this) it was humungous and I still look at the thing from across my room taking up more space than any book should. Of course it doesn’t nearly come close to It or Gone with the Wind in size but it’s humungous. Breaking Dawn is broken down into three parts: Part One-Bella, Part Two-Jacob, and Part Three-Bella. Meyer wanted to be daring by giving us Jacob’s POV which I will admit was sometimes interesting, but I often found myself wanting to hurry being done with the second part so I could read from Bella’s eyes. Part one focuses on Bella and Edward’s wedding and party. They then travel to their honeymoon on Esme Isle, which is a private island owned by Carlisle for Esme. After a lot of sex and eating of eggs Bella realizes she’s pregnant. After Carlisle confirms that Bella is pregnant, they rush home to Forks. Their baby (half-vampire, half-human) grows at an alarming weight causing Bella to be bedridden. Edward is afraid the baby will kill Bella and tries to get her to abort the baby, but Bella refuses because she feels connected to the fetus. Part two follows Jacob for which seemed like way too long. Jacob goes against his pack because they want to kill the baby and Bella. Bella soon gives birth after only a short period of time. The birth breaks Bella’s bones (try saying that five times fast) and Edward turns her into a vampire injecting her with his venom via syringe. Jacob tries to kill Reneesme (the baby) but ends up imprinting on her. For part three we are back to Bella and she’s now a vampire. Something she’s wanted to be since she found out Edward was a vampire and fell in love with him. Irina, Laurent’s mate, travels to Forks after her family convinces her to reconcile. She mistakes Reneesme for an immortal child, a child turned vampire who wreaked havoc and destroyed villages, and she goes to the Volturi. The Cullens gather allies after Alice has a vision of the Volturi coming. The Volturi want to start a fight because they still aren’t sure about Reneesme, but Alice and Jasper bring evidence of others like her. The Volturi leaves, nobody dies, and Bella and Edward and Jacob and Reneesme live happily ever after.  

The main female character is Bella. Bella was insufferable for the first part of the book with her constant I don’t deserve this and blah blah blah. She becomes better as a vampire though. I actually like vampire Bella a thousand times more than human Bella. I do think naming her kid Reneesme was a bad choice though.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 2

The main male characters are Edward and Jacob. Edward was still a jerk. Trying to get Bella to kill the baby because he didn’t want her to die made him no better than the pack or the Volturi. He did like Bella become a lot better after her transformation. Surprisingly I enjoyed him. Jacob though well he worries me. I find it really creepy to imprint with a baby. He then jokes about it at the end with Edward asking if he can call him dad. >_> Ummm, yeah. I’ve heard people say that he wasn’t really in love with her but just looking out for her best interest. In a sense I think he is in love with her. Whether people accept it or not Jacob loves Reneesme and if it’s as a brother, lover, or friend there’s nothing we can do about. So stop fighting about it because they are both fictional characters!

Swoon Worthy Scale: Edward- 2 Jacob-2

The Villain- The Volturi are back. Honestly the Volturi aren’t threatening at all the books. I find them laughable. I saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 and let me say this Volturi in that movie are freaking scary. They are relentless and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Well at least Aro is. Aro is a jerk and creepy too. I thought he was a little wacko in New Moon, but he proves to need crazy pills at the battle scene in the movie. The movie is epic and the battle scenes are amazing. I will address something about that later on in the review though.

Villain Scale: 3

Reneesme is a character I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of the future. There is talk of a spin-off. To be honest, I’m interested in a spin-off featuring Reneesme. Alice, I love Alice. I think Breaking Dawn should’ve been written in her eyes. She was the savior without her they would’ve died. All hale Alice because she definitely deserves it. Jasper- I love you and you’re just cool. Emmett- I love your jokes and without you it would be boring in the Cullen household. Rosalie- I didn’t like you very much in the first book, but I came to like you more and more with each book. Carlisle and Esme- Forks would fall apart without Carlisle. It nearly did in Breaking Dawn or it seemed through Bella’s eyes and Esme you are probably a better mother figure than Bella’s own mom will ever be. Seth and Leah- Seth, you’re one of my favorite wolves and Leah, I hadn’t liked you at first, but I came to like you more and more. Charlie- At least you made an appearance in the book I had never seen so much of you before. To all the vampires that were allies to the Cullens- in the book you all confused me and I couldn’t keep up with which one was which, but I love you guys in the movie.

Character Scale: 3

I did enjoy Breaking Dawn, but I had a problem keeping track of characters and it seemed way too lengthy. As I mentioned earlier I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie, but it proved to me something that I had suspected all along. If my memory serves me correctly there was no showing of Alice’s vision in Breaking Dawn to Aro, but in the movie it happens to be one of the most intense battle scenes I’ve watched on the big screen. The fact that it turned out to be a vision though made me realize Meyer is a cop out. All the people that would’ve died in the battle scene didn’t and the people that would’ve died are the people would’ve missed and mourned. (view spoiler)
This proved that Meyer is not at all a great writer. A great writer would’ve been able to give us an ending to a tragedy like this that made our hearts weep and make us wonder what would happen without them. Meyer took the easy way out by giving us stars and sunshine. That disappointed me. Of course books are like that. They sometimes don’t live up to their potential and take easy way outs, but the hopeless romantic side of me is glad that everyone is alive and that they got a happy ending.

Cover Thoughts: I like the cover. It’s my favorite of the books’ covers. It’s thought provoking and in a way if you think about it the Volturi does play a rather good game of chess.

To see the full spoiler review go here. 

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  1. Ah! FinallY! it's over, this dreadful series! i can't believe I stuck to thinking it would get better. TT___TT I was very disappointed. I was a disappointed fifth grader. And the imprint and everything, just, yeah, I totally agree with you. I actually like the Volturi. They were actually cool in my mind compared to the Cullens. XP

    But, yeah, everything just turns Happily Ever After, we don't get much of a fight scene. And okay the end, now lets kill some vampires! XD

    1. Haha Only if they sparkle! They do sparkle right?

  2. Two stars! Oh no, I'm going to have a heart attack :-)

    I guess you won't watch the movie then?

    You are hard to please lol

    1. Haha I am hard to please though. Hate the movies, but enjoyed the last one. I don't think I know what I like. hehe