Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland

Hey, you guys! I feel so guilty! I haven't been on here in forever. It's been at least a week in a half and that's a week too long. I finished a book today, so here's the review for that and I'll post a note at the end to talk about why I've been so busy!

Mark of the Demon (Kara Gillian, #1)

Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland

First in the Kara Gillian series

4 stars

Kara Gillian is a Beaulac, Louisiana detective who’s finally got the promotion she’s been waiting for. Kara can do things that most detectives or people can. She can summon demons which could prove to be helpful in her first murder case. When she accidently summons the Demonic Lord Rhyzkahl she doesn’t know why he let her live. But everything seems to be tied to the Symbol Man who Kara only has a short time to catch and bodies are piling up left and right. What’s a summoner to do but that her demonic lore knowledge pays off in the long run? I had been expecting to be blown away by Mark of the Demon, but sadly I wasn’t. After reading My Life as a White Trash Zombie and thinking it was pure comedic fun with gore thrown in, I was hoping for some laughs and demons. This book is not laughs… at all. It’s actually pretty sick and twisted how most of these murders were described and I felt queasy a time or two. I have to give Rowland props for not holding back when it came to gruesome though.

The main female character is Kara. I liked Kara, but I didn’t connect with her like I had with Angel from White Trash Zombie. Kara’s had it rough, but at the same time. I sympathized for her but I didn’t really feel much else. Kara has good qualities though. She’s strong, persistent, smart, knows her away around, but she’s also very closed off from people and she’s lonely. Really lonely. I feel like this character trait was contradicted though. She was lonely, closed off from most people, but had no problem interacting with people and getting them to talk. I feel like it shouldn't have been that easy for her. Maybe I'm just over thinking it. I like Kara, but at times I was hoping for something more interesting to pop up in her mind or around her.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 8

The main male characters are Rhyzkahl and Ryan. I liked Rhyzkahl. For a demonic lord he’s pretty interesting, but I don’t want to ever run into him. I do want to see where Kara and Rhyzkahl’s relationship ends up going. Ryan is full of secrets and I just want to know what he is. I think he’s a good friend to Kara. Will they turn into something more? Probably and I’m OK with that just as long as it doesn’t ruin their budding friendship.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Rhyzkahl: 8.5 Ryan: 8

The Villain- That was such a wild ride! I’ve never been so excited when reading a murder mystery. This was definitely the best aspect of the novel and it aside from Rhyzkahl it kept me wanting more. This is the way mysteries should be handled. That was sick, twisted and overall epic! I wonder what the next villain will be like.

Villain Scale: 10

A lot of these characters had potential to be developed, but they weren’t fully developed. Aunt Tessa could’ve been more present when she was there. I felt at times she wasn’t showing the personality Rowland described her of having. The cops could’ve gotten more fleshed out as well; along with Doc and the other coroners. Hopefully that’ll happen in the upcoming books.

Character Scale: 8

Overall this book was pretty good, but could’ve been better. I found myself losing interest at times and that made me lose interest for a while. Hopefully the next books will prove that this is a great series.

Cover Thoughts: I like the cover, but at the same time I think it’s nothing special. I do like the arcane symbols though and think they fit perfectly.

Last week was the last week of Marching Season, which meant Showcase was coming. Showcase is the last and final competition of the marching band season and it was hectic. I had practice every day and no time to read. It was worth it though since Guard did really good! Yay! I promise to be here on a little bit more frequently. Winterguard here I come!


  1. Glad you enjoyed this one in spite of it not living up to your full expectations.

    Have fun with your marching bad practice, and good luck with the competition! :)