Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Matter of Fate by Ellie Heller


A Matter of Fate by Ellie Heller

2 stars (DNF)

From what I read someone started to set death spells on mortals and werewolves, who apparently are also elves (?) and a Warder (in training) Mona’s friend has some spell cast on her and then her teacher is acting funny and there’s some random action and then a shifter guy that makes Mona want get down and dirty after only knowing each other for about five pages. That’s what I gathered. I’ll put the actual summary on my blog at the bottom of my review. I would probably rate this lower, but since I didn’t get further than 70-something pages I don’t think it’s fair to give it one star. Although I’m sure if I got to page 150 like I planned I would have given it just that. I feel terrible that I’m not able to finish this book since I was kindly gifted it, but this book makes my brain hurt. It’s just so… all over the place and not thought out. I can’t read a book that throws random stuff at me and then info-dumps random information at me. Mona also talked really weird and she was boring. That scene with random guy, summary says his name is Cart, where he sucked food off her finger and then told her he wanted to combust with her made me choke/ shiver from the weirdness. Who says stuff like that? If the writing was cleaner this probably could’ve been a really good book or even a likable one, but due the fact that this book is slow, random, and not well written I find myself not caring to continue on and I don’t think reading should feel like a chore. So I’m DNFing this.

Note: This is a short review and will not contain character ratings, due the fact that I didn't get very far.

Cover Thoughts: It's very Harlequin. Not a bad cover, but I don't think the girl on it was necessary. The tiger eyes and snow would've been just fine together.

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