Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cover Wars #2

Welcome to my second edition of Cover Wars!

I think I've seen a few other blogs do similar things like this at some point or another, but since I'm too lazy to post a review, here's what I'll post when I have nothing else!

A Basic Overview:

What is Covers Wars? Well, for my version of Cover Wars I have two sections. One section is the original cover versus the new cover or paperback vs. hardcover. Then the second section is English/American cover vs. a foreign cover that I've found and have an opinion. I'll showcase each cover and give an opinion. Why I really want to do this is to see people's different opinions on covers. So, please leave your reactions in the comments! That sounds really formal! Just tell me if you like the cover or not or any thoughts at all! I'll get my sister to make a banner for me later on to use it as a header! (She's the creative/ techy one.)

Let's begin with the results of last week!:D
The Covers That Won:
7824322 16074613
16081272 9721690

Gorgeous aren't they? If you missed last weeks and want to check it out here's a link.

On to the second round of Cover Wars!

The Original VS. The New

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Original Cover VS. Movie Edition 1
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight i s one of the most well known books and I figured it wouldn't be fair to leave them out of this. I did once love Twilight and they will have a place in my heart, they are just no longer books I love.
I personally like the original cover way more. I had the movie edition cover when reading and I automatically pictured Edward and Bella as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson even though there descriptions were different. The original cover just looks so pretty. The winner will go against the second movie edition.

6064646 8183728
Hardcover VS. Paperback
The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore
I wasn't a huge fan of The Splendor Falls. I was fooled by a gorgeous cover and received a not so gorgeous inside.
I loveeeeeeeeeeee the paperback! I usually don't like covers with dresses, but this cover is absolutely gorgeous in person. I almost kept the book for that reason alone, but it was taking up space for better books. I do really like the hardback, but the coldness of the paperback reminds of Sophie (I think that was her name) and how much of a cold person she was and ghosts= cold spots (there were a lot of those in the book).

The English (Or Winner from Last Week) VS. Foreign Edition

9721690 16065971
The U.K. Edition (Winner from Last Week) VS.  Portuguese Edition
Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
I prefer the U.K. edition to the Portuguese. The Portuguese on just reminds of witches and Helen wasn't a witch. Starcrossed has several different versions, but I'll only feature a few. The winner will be going against another foreign edition next week!

3157877 4872347
English Edition VS. Spanish Edition
Generation Dead by Daniel Waters 
I really enjoyed this zombie story. It's more of a contemporary zombie tale than an apocalyptic one. Definitely check it out if you're interested!

I think I like the Spanish more than the English edition. The English edition just looks so off and I never really liked the cover. The makeup on the girl is terrible and there aren't even main characters that are cheerleaders (zombiewise). The Spanish one is way better, even if it is cliche.

What are your favorites? Is it both hardcovers or paperbacks? Or do you like foreign editions more than American? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. YAY! Between Shades original hardcover won! Haha, I wonder why I'm so happy about that? XD

    Twilight - of course the original cover! I always wonder what the real representation of the covers mean, but then I just start thinking up possibilities, any guesses?

    The Splendor Falls - oo your right! The paperback one is just more chilling and attractive.

    Starcrossed- I still prefer the U.K. cover! XD So pwettyiful!

    Generation Dead - hmm...I actually don't like any of them! The Spanish version somehow reminds me of a NA and the english edition just is lame. I don't know, if I have to pick then I'm going with your choice.

    Haha, thanks for the awesome covers to look at, Sarah! Hope September is being good to you!

    1. P.S. (just read your comment) Hotarubi no Mori e does have subs! I watched it on and it has english subtitles so please WATCH IT!* ^ *

    2. Haha It's a really pretty cover and I can see why it would've won!:D

      I'm not sure what the cover means. I've heard theories, but I've never bothered to look it up. I think it has something to with discovering a great temptation because Eve was supposedly tempted by an apple and so I think Edward is Bella's temptation. Either she can be accepted or cast out by choosing the vampire life.

      IK! It's just so gorgeous to look at.

      Me, too! There's just something about that is quite striking.

      I think the cover designs for this series are series lacking, but to each their own and I have to agree with you.

      Thanks, Delaney! I hope your September is wonderful.:)

      I'll try to watch it whenever I have time! Thanks for letting me know.^_^