Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cover Wars #3

Welcome to my third edition of Cover Wars!

I think I've seen a few other blogs do similar things like this at some point or another, but since I'm too lazy to post a review, here's what I'll post when I have nothing else!

A Basic Overview:

What is Covers Wars? Well, for my version of Cover Wars I have two sections. One section is the original cover versus the new cover or paperback vs. hardcover. Then the second section is English/American cover vs. a foreign cover that I've found and have an opinion. I'll showcase each cover and give an opinion. Why I really want to do this is to see people's different opinions on covers. So, please leave your reactions in the comments! That sounds really formal! Just tell me if you like the cover or not or any thoughts at all! I'll get my sister to make a banner for me later on to use it as a header! (She's the creative/ techy one.)

Let's begin with the results of last week!:)
The Covers That Won:
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9721690 31578774872347
There was an obvious agreement that both Generation Dead covers were terrible so it's a tie and I don't want to just completely exclude it from the post, so I'm posting both covers. If you want to see the post from last week, here's a link.

Now, let's do the third round! (I'm honestly not sure how long I'll be doing this for, but I really enjoy this feature so hopefully for a while.)

The Original VS. THE NEW:
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Original (Winner from Last Week) VS. Movie Edition 2
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
 The original cover for Twilight won last week and this is the second movie edition cover. It isn't as popular as the Edward + Bella one, but I have seen this one around. I also sadly had this on a poster when I was a Twihard.
Again, I'm going with the original. Nothing against the movie cover, but I just think it's ugly in book form.

1314332  8582039
Flower Cover VS. Girl Cover
Before I Die by Jenny Downham
Before I Die has a lot of covers and I'm not sure how if these are foreign because I've seen them here, but I'm confused because there are so many versions. Anyway, I think I like the dandelion (don't quote me on that I'm terrible with remembering plants' names) cover better than the girl one. The blue and the dandelion just speaks to me. As someone who has read the book, I can see the dandelion as a symbol for Tessa and the little stems breaking off as her letting herself go before she dies. The girl cover looks nothing like Tessa because Tessa has cancer and hardly any hair and she has hair and it reminds of a contemporary or Jodi Picoult novel.

The English (Or Winner from Last Week) VS. Foreign Edition
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The U.K. Edition (Winner from Last Week) VS. Swedish
Starcrossed  by Josephine Angelini
We have the previous winner from the past two wars, the UK edition, and the Swedish edition. 
Last week it was obvious that the UK version had a chance, but the Swedish edition is definitely striking. In fact, I think the UK version has finally met its match. I love the Swedish cover. I mean look at it! It's so pretty and I wish my hair did that. Also the title brings back memories of MCR. *cries* Swedish is definitely my pick.

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The Hardcover VS. UK or Australian Edition (I'm not sure which one it is)
Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys
Didn't think you would see this book pop on here again, did you? Since the hardcover won the first cover war it only makes sense that it would go against the foreign editions.
I actually really love the foreign edition. It just reminds me of the story and Lina's time in Siberia. I do like the hardcover, but something about the foreign edition makes me want to stare at it forever.

What are your favorites? Is it both hardcovers or paperbacks? Or do you like foreign editions more than American? Leave your thoughts in the comments!Let the wars begin!


  1. TWILIGHT - obvious to the original cover. Movie covers are a no go for me. NO GO.

    BEFORE I DIE -the flower cover. I really hate covers with model unless done right. And aww it sounds like such a sad book.

    STARCROSSED -yes the Sweish one! So pretty! It makes me want to read the book now! American covers just suck.

    BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY -I still have to go with hardcover but they are both equally very represental towards the book and story. ^^

    P.S. One cover I am adoring right now is the book I am currently reading Eyes Like Stars. The art is gorgeous. * ^ * Pwettyiful cover on my shelf. Just had to mention it. XD

    1. LOL The movie covers are pretty bad for Twilight.

      It is very sad, but it's so good! I agree about the whole model thing. A bad model can ruin a cover.

      Exactly! It's absolutely flawless.

      Between Shades of Gray is a toughie, but I do agree that they are both very represental.

      I love that cover! It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm going through books I've already read before I get to my TBR pile, but I agree that is just gorgeous.

  2. TWILIGHT: Neither. Stuff them books
    BEFORE I DIE: Flowerrrr
    STARCROSSED: The first one! Even though it's cheesy
    BETWEEN SHADES OF GREY: I can't choose D": Maybe the AUS one?

    1. LOL I do in some ways love Twilight, but I definitely threw those books away.

      I like the Starcross one, even though it's cheesy, too.

      It's such a tough decision! The publishers both did an excellent job on the covers for that book.

  3. Meh Twilight but I think I would go with the original too.

    I don't actually think the girl has hair in the cover actually, it looks like she's wearing a scarf over her head which I think some cancer patients do? Hmm but this is hard! I think I would go with the girl cover because it says a little bit more about the book.

    Swedish for sure! The design is fantastic.

    Ooo for this I would say hardcover mainly because I'm not a fan of the font for the Australian cover.

    1. I think you might be right, but Tessa didn't wear scarves on her head from what I remember. She was self-conscious of her hair, but I don't think she wore scarves, but I do see the scarf now that you mention it.

      Whoohoo! Another Swedish vote.

      The Australian cover looks like a very basic font, so I totally get not liking it.:)

  4. I like the original Twilight cover, too. The apple's nod to Adam and Eve and the simplicity. I like the flower cover of the Before I Die, the girl by herself of Starcrossed and the girl on the cover for Between Shades. I love seeing how covers are redesigned. Great post!

    1. I didn't know that was what it represented. Interesting! I actually guessed something similar to that because of temptation in a previous Cover Wars post. Thanks, Natalie! I love seeing them and comparing. It's great to see other people's feedback on covers.

  5. LOVE the covers for Starcrossed, all of them! This is a really fun feature, I like looking at all the comparisons. I like the original Twilight cover because I never much cared for the casting in the movie.

    1. Thanks, Alise! Starcrossed covers are all very beautiful, but Swedish is my favorite one I've found so far.

  6. I LOVE THE FOREIGN COVER FOR BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY TOO. Just by looking at it, the feels are coming back to me *runs away and cries* great post! :D

    1. Thanks, Summer! I know it brings back all the feels.D: