Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Discussion Post: Why Do I Keep Buying Books By Authors I Don't Like?

 I have a video discussion on which I contemplate my struggle with continuing to support authors whose books I'm not a fan of.


Basic Breakdown of Video:

I know a lot of people in blogging prefer not to which videos, which is fine, but I really enjoy making them and would love if you watched it. I find myself buying books or still holding interest in writers whose books I have an iffy past with. In my video I discuss authors such as Robin Talley, John Green, Beth Revis, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren DeStefano. 

My problem with Robin Talley lies within the novel, What We Left Behind, a novel I read recently and absolutely deplored. While I'm not a fan of Talley's sophomore novel, I still find myself wanting to read her debut novel, Lies We Tell Ourselves. I really support the messages in Talley's novels and want to support her. At the same time, I don't want to get burned again and just end up reading another novel that only makes me seethe with anger and discontent. 

My next problem lies within a popular author that everybody absolutely loves, John Green. I absolutely love The Fault in Our Stars, but I was uninspired by Looking for Alaska and absolutely abhorred Paper Towns. I find myself slowly beginning to dislike Green and his writing tropes. I wonder if I'm just not a fan of his writing or if I'm just not interested in his storytelling.

Then there are twitter authors like Lauren DeStefano, Maureen Johnson, and Beth Revis. All great ladies and they each have great values that I want to get behind and support. The problem is that the books that I've read felt mediocre and just flat line reads.

Does anyone else have authors that they don't really enjoy but can't stop reading or buying books? I posed a few questions in my video, but I don't want to dictate the whole thing so if you are interested in giving more feedback please watch. Leave a comment down below and let's discuss. This is a topic that I'm really curious to know more about where readers stand!

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