Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reading Stats for 2015 & Resolutions for 2016

Hello, lovely people! This is my first time ever going over my reading stats for 2015 and making actual resolutions that I write down. Before in the past my resolutions were simple things like:
  • Get over my fear of series 
  • Finish Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater before turning 16
  • Read Game of Thrones over the summer before my senior year
All of these I've completed and I told people that I was going to do these things, but never wrote a post about it. There's a first for everything and I'm excited to review and look ahead at what's to come.

                              Reading Stats of 2015

I read a total  of 118 books in 2015! My goal was 115 and I'm so pleased with all the progress I've made this year. As a reader I've really grown and my reading tastes are constantly expanding. 
              Amount of Books Read in Each Month:
  1. January- 6   Favorite:  Saga Volume 1   Average Rating: 3.33 stars
  2. February- 8 Favorite: Saga Volumes 2-4 Siege & Storm+ Ruin & Rising Average Rating: 4.38 stars
  3. March- 3    Favorite: The Ruby Circle    Average Rating: 4.17 stars
  4. April- 5         Favorite: Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock  Average Rating: 3.1 stars
  5. May- 14        Favorite: Dragonfly in Amber Anne of Green Gables The Tales of Beedle the Bard Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them   Average Rating: 3.55 stars
  6. June- 11    Favorite:  Voyager A Court of Thorns & Roses The Zoo Story Average Rating: 3.57 stars
  7. July- 8          Favorite: Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice Average Rating: 2.28 stars
  8. August- 9     Favorite: A Game of Thrones Love in the Afternoon Beauty Queens Average Rating: 3.78 stars
  9. September- 8 Favorite: Night of Cake & Puppets  Average Rating: 2.56 stars
  10. October- 26  Favorite: The Ocean at the End of the Lane The 5th Wave Breakfast at Tiffany's The Veldt Average Rating: 3.10 stars
  11. November- 14 Favorite: Full Dark, No Stars How to Seduce a Scot Average Rating: 3.29 stars
  12. December- 7 Favorite: Red Fox Average Rating: 3.18 stars
I'm really pleased looking at these stats. I feel like I had a lot of decent reading months. I gave a total of 22 5 star ratings this year, which seems rare considering how low my actual rankings were. This makes me happy though because that means I found so many great novels.

I only DNFed two books this year! TWO! I'm so pleased with that. Here are my genre stats:
Fantasy: 26
Graphic Novels/Mangas: 17
Contemporary: 26
Suspense: 14
Sci-fi: 12
Paranormal: 22
Romance: 49
Classics: 18
Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic: 4
Retellings: 7
Essay Collections/ Anthologies: 7
Horror: 20
Erotica: 14
Historical: 17
Rereads: 6
Read for School: 10
YA: 30
Children's: 21
NA:  3

Upon looking at this I'm pretty surprised to see all these different stats. It's so interesting to see genres I used to hate become most read genres. It means I've really opened up as a reader and explored new things.

I read 
30 ARCs
25 E-books
45 physical books
4 audibooks
15 library books
this year. I'm so pleased to see so many physical books, especially since most of my physical reads were mammoth sized novels. I'm even happier to have read that many ARCs this year. I'm a slow ARC reader for some reason and I'm happy I read as many as I did.

                                                Reading Resolutions for 2016 
There are quite a few things I would love to accomplish in 2016, but in the fall I'll be starting my first semester of college and realize that a lot of my goals may not be met. I'm going to try though because I like to set reading goals!

  • Finish at least 5 series 
  • Read an Austen novel
  • Read at least 5 novels that have been on my TBR since I joined Goodreads in 2011.
  • Read 50 novels in 2016.
  • Catch up on writing reviews in 2016.
  • Film videos every two weeks for the first half of the year.
Those are my goals for 2016. I don't want to be too ambitious because I don't know how hectic life is going to be in 2016. I hope it's an amazing year because 2015, especially towards the end was really hard for me. It's also my first year as an adult. I'm ready to conquer!

What are your goals for 2016? Do you set reading goals? Let me know down below in the comments!

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