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Love Come to Me by Lisa Kleypas

Love, Come to Me

Love Come to Me by Lisa Kleypas

4.5 stars

Lucinda Caldwell never meant to fall into a freezing cold ice lake and find herself drowning. It was just supposed to be a shortcut home to surprise her father after visiting family. When she thinks she’s about to die she’s rescued by a handsome Southerner named Heath Rayne. Heath is completely different from the cold New England men she’s grown up around and he intrigues her. She knows she needs to stay away especially since she has a great fiancĂ©. But Heath could be the end of her reputation and her engagement. Heath is a man of many secrets and Lucy wants to break through them. This isn’t my favorite Kleypas novel; it’s probably my least favorite by her. It’s not a bad novel at all and definitely recommend it, but it’s not my favorite. I feel as though the post-Civil War era isn’t my thing. I’m more of a Regency kind of girl. Still Heath is incredibly charming and this book made me kind of wish to experience what it was like living back then.

The main female character is Lucy. Lucy is very charming and it’s hard not to like her. Even when she does stupid things or should make me want to slap her I still liked her. I could understand why she was hurt by her best friend and happy when she made amends in her own way. I liked Lucy. She’s dashing and funny. She’s smart and intelligent. I liked how she loved to talk politics and argue with the men no matter how much they frowned upon her for it. It would get tiring having men think that women don't think and they are only there to please them. They were pretty mindset about it and couldn't be told otherwise.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 9

The main male character is Heath. Heath is rather dashing himself and definitely swoon worthy. I found him annoying me with all his secrets though and I’m still mad that he didn’t really tell Lucy anything about his imprisonment during the war. Aside from that he was definitely heartbreaker material and I don’t understand why the New England women weren’t pushing each other for him, but I am from the South so maybe I just don’t get old New England traits. No matter how much I try to read them.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 9

The Villain- I guess you could so it’s the infamous Raine. Gosh I couldn’t stand her she was just so stupid and annoying. Why she even had to come into the novel is beyond me and she was a waste of space. But how dare she try to break Lucy and Heath up!

Villain Scale: 3

There were quite a few characters. There was Daniel, Lucy’s previous fiancĂ©. Daniel was an asshat. I didn’t like him. He treated Lucy like a toddler and it annoyed me for how long it finally took her to realize that. There was Damon who was Heath’s partner for their newspaper. It was quite obvious from the beginning that he was in love with Lucy. I still can’t believe she never realized it. Maybe Kleypas will write him a spin off story and give him a happy ending.

Character Scale: 8

I love how Kleypas always has a strong cast of characters, but this book was way too long. There were a lot of unnecessary thoughts and descriptions. A whole page was dedicated to Lucy’s new designs for their Boston house. It bothered me and I found it pointless. I did still enjoy Love Come to Me, but I wish it wouldn’t have been so long or boring at times. I also wish Heath would’ve pulled his shit together. I grew tired of Lucy and Heath’s game of cat and mouse of “I was waiting for you to make the first move!” I wanted to slap both of them. Did women in the South really act like this back then like Kleypas portrayed them? I think so maybe not in Louisiana, but Georgia is believable. It’s weird how the South is so different even though we are considered an entity. Definitely recommended, but if you’ve never read Kleypas before I recommend her Hathaway series first.

Cover Thoughts: I love the newest edition cover. It’s pretty. I want that dress!


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