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Broken Wings by V.C. Andrews

Broken Wings (Broken Wings, #1)

Hey you guys. I've finally written a review. Enjoy!

Broken Wings by V.C. Andrews

First in the Broken Wings Duo

4 stars 

Broken Wings follows three girls: Robin, Teal, and Phoebe. These girls are different from one another, but they have one thing in common they’ve been sent to a facility for girls who should be in jail. Each girl recounts her story of how she got to where she is and why. Robin has a mom who’s more into her singing than taking care of her daughter. Since Robin’s left on her own she’s pretty much done whatever she wants. When her mom makes her pack her bags and move to Nashville for her mom’s career, Robin only finds trouble. Teal is a rich girl who will do anything to get her parent’s attention… even break the law. After she goes too far in breaking the rules for a guy she cares about, Teal loses the only little bit of trust she had. Phoebe is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She moved in with her aunt to make a fresh start in hopes of making her dad proud and not being like her mother. When she trusts a charming rich boy who ruins her life and reputation, she concocts a plan to make him pay. Broken Wings was told in three parts and each part focused on one of the girls and her story. I enjoyed Broken Wings, but I did some reservations about it. I think my biggest one was Teal’s story. I skimmed through her story and I didn’t find it interesting, which is why it’s only four stars instead of five. 

The main female characters are Robin, Teal, and Phoebe. Robin was my favorite character of the novel. Yes, she had flaws, but isn’t she supposed to? The whole point of the story is to tell the story about these girls who lives are a mess. I don’t think Robin’s mistake at the end of her story was a good choice. I understand her desire for attention, but what she did wasn’t a good idea and it made me disappointed. Teal was my least favorite character. I just didn’t like her. I started her story and she was already wasted and I was just like “Why? It seemed pointless.” I tried to get into her story, but by the third chapter of her story I just started skimming. Phoebe was a very raw character and she definitely made me feel more emotions than the other characters. Her story was truly heartbreaking. Phoebe’s life was just so unfair and heartbreaking. I cried for her and I’m not ashamed to admit it. She had it rough and not because of where she’s from, but because of all the things she had to put up with.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: Robin- 8.5 Teal- 5.5 Phoebe- 8

The main male characters were Keefer, Del, and Ashley. These boys were the catalyst for these girls’ problems. They literally pushed or helped pushed them over the edge. They were already pretty messed up and it seems likes these boys just made their problems worse. Keefer was my favorite boy of the three. Mostly because even though he was a jerk I liked him and somewhat sympathized with him at times. Del was nothing special and I completely forgot about him and his part in the book. Oops! I hate when I do that, but I did with Del he was nothing special or interesting. Ashley was the definition of jerk. I hated him for what he did to Phoebe and I wish he would’ve gotten hit by a bus.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Keefer- 4 Del- 2 Ashley- 1 

The Villain- I think the villain can be considered the girls’ own mentality towards things and just everything in general they went through. The main problem with these girls though is their longing for love, attention, and affection. That’s what they’ve been lacking in their life and they crave it deeply. I’m sure they don’t even realize this, but it’s a common theme in each story. Or maybe you can consider the parents the villains. They neglected their kids. Robin's mom was even nicknamed Mother Dearest by her own daughter and she was just so nonchalant when it came to Robin. Teal's parents were obviously only worried about money and appearances. Phoebe's mom was a hot mess and her dad, well he tried the best he could. I don't think Phoebe's aunt helped Phoebe at all. In fact I think she just made it worse.

Villain Scale: 5

Character Scale: 7

Broken Wings was a really good read and I don’t think it’s something V.C. Andrews would’ve written if she was alive, but I still enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading the sequel (whenever that may be).

Cover Thoughts: I don’t like the cover. I just don’t. Yeah it is original in some ways, but I just don’t like it. You know how there are just some things you look at and you just don’t like, well that’s how it is for me when I look at the cover.

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