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Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter, #10; Were-Hunter, #5)

Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn kenyon

Ninth in the Dark-Hunter series, third in the Were-Hunter series

5 stars

Susan Michaels used to be a top-notch reporter until an article she thought was gold turned out to be her worst nightmare. Now she works at a newspaper where their top story is either alien babies or vampires walking around at night. Susan doesn’t buy any of that and when her boss, Leo, assigns her to a job tracking down a blogger who claims to work for the undead her world gets turned upside down. First she adopts a cat that she’s allergic to and then said cat turns into a sexy man in the middle of her living room. Ravyn Kontis is an ex Were-Hunter down Dark-Hunter. Ravyn is different from other Dark-Hunters and Were-Hunters. He’s been shunned by his family and since the last time her trusted a human woman ended up with dire consequences he doesn’t want anything to with Susan. I know this book sounds cliché and totally unoriginal, but you would be wrong to judge it that way. This book made me crazy with emotions. If I wasn’t laughing then I was screaming and if I wasn’t screaming then I was crying (yes I did cry because that ending with that certain DH broke my heart). These characters create so many emotions in me. It’s like a hurricane building up in the Gulf of Mexico inside of me when I read a SK novel. I have never been so invested in a book series so much, especially such a long book series. I only had one issue with this novel which I will address in the next paragraph.

The main female character is Susan. She was my biggest problem with this book. For the first half of the book I had a love-hate relationship with her. I was annoyed by her constant complaining and she was hard to like. I’ll admit there were times during the first where I did like her, but I mostly just didn’t like her for that portion of the book. The second half of the book something change about her and I started to like her more. Maybe she didn’t change and I was just more invested in the novel since I was no longer busy and could just concentrate on that, but I started to like her more. Susan isn’t my favorite Dark-Hunter heroine. In fact she was one of my least favorites for a good while. She still isn’t a character I love, but I do like her a lot more than when I first met her. Aside from that Susan was a strong character. She held her own in a fight and at times reminded of Tabitha from Seize the Night when it came to fighting.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 7.5

The main male character is Ravyn. I like Ravyn and I think he’s an interesting character in the DH world; although most of the males seem to be. Ravyn was a Were-Hunter who was brutally wronged and when Artemis heard his cry for vengeance she turned him into a Dark-Hunter. Ravyn has some Were-Hunter powers, but not all of them. He’s lost his ability to time travel and other powers that play important roles for Were-Hunters, but with him losing powers also made him a strong Dark-Hunter with even more enhancement than the others. Here’s an example: his hearing is twice as better than a regular DH because he already had excellent hearing.

Swoon Worthy Scale: 8.5

The Villain- Stryker is the villain once again. I have a soft spot for Stryker. Maybe it’s because he’s such a great villain and I’m curious about reading his story, but I think Stryker is totally kick-ass and he scares me greatly. These Spathis are sooooo evil. And I love it. ;)

Villain Scale: 9.5

Nick Gautier is back! But I don’t love him as much as I used to because I miss his jokes and sarcasm. Now he’s just so… well read it to know how he acts because I don’t want to give anything away. Otto, Kyl, and Leo are such great additions to the book, especially Leo who I really like.

Character Scale: 8.5

This book was such a tease when it came to the ending. God, that ending! I haven’t read such a great ending like this is a while. I was just baffled and completely like
Timon say what Pictures, Images and Photos

I can’t explain how blown away I was by this novel without giving away spoilers (which I don’t want to do). I can’t wait for Acheron’s novel, which I’m getting closer to; because I know it’ll be amazing.Overall I wasn't disappointed and I definitely suggest giving this series a shot.

Cover Thoughts: I like the color, but that’s it. I don’t like the guy at all because I don’t think that’s what Ravyn looks like. The guy isn't hot at all. I wish they would at least try to find models that somewhat fit the description.

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