Friday, August 31, 2012

TV TALK: Pretty Little Liars Season Finale

Pretty Little Liars Season 31

Pretty Little Liars has come to an end... forever. No I'm just kidding. It'll be back in January and there's a Halloween special coming in October (YESH!). Pretty Little Liars was amazing! That ending left me reeling and I'm still an emotional wreck. There will be spoilers ahead so you've been warned. We found out who Maya's killer was. It was Nate, but Nate was really Nate. Remember how Maya used to talk about a stalker well guess what? Nate is the stalker and after kidnapping Paige and was going to kill her because she wouldn't return his love they ended up in a fight to death in a lighthouse. It was a pretty intense fight, but Caleb came and helped save the day. Only to be shot in the process. I hope he's OK because well I love Caleb and I would die without him. Just kidding I would probably just cry a lot and scream and holler. Nate ended up dying in the fight so we don't have to worry about him anymore. But we have to worry about the A team. Mona was walking out of asylum parading around the place in a nurse outfit and we see her conversing with someone that a plan's changed. We don't know what's changed, but I know one thing I'm absolutely heartbroken. The face we saw turn around in the hood was *Ba ba ba boom*

Yep Toby is on the A team. I'm hoping he's like Snape and is playing everybody, but I have a feeling the only one being played is Spencer. She was right all along which is hard for me to believe because all I can think of is how broken he was in the previous seasons and how much he seemed to love Spencer. Maybe we've all bee wrong, but I'm still on an emotional roller coaster. I'm looking forward to next season because well I have to know everything and hopefully maybe we get to see the bad side of Toby because I don't think I've ever seen him evil before. I mean look at that face it just isn't Toby! I can't wait for next season. I need more PLL and I need it now.

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