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Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly

Angel Fire (Angel, #2)

Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly

Second book in Angel Trilogy

4 stars

*Warning there may be will be spoilers ahead*

We are once again introduced to Willow Fields and Alex Kylar, but a new cast characters is thrown in and new villains tango with Raziel. After the disaster of trying to stop the Second Wave, more angels have come to Earth and are preying on people. Hospitals are overflowing, there aren’t enough doctors, and people are still worshipping angels, but now more than ever. Willow has a prophetic dream that tells her to go Mexico City where the Seraphim Council will be. Once they arrive they discover a group of Angel Killers, one of them being Kara, Alex’s old crush. The team is suspicious of Willow because she’s half-angel and it’s becoming obvious that taking down the Council isn’t going to be easy. Raziel is up to scheming but is under the eyes of the Twelve and is walking on thin ice. Willow didn’t mention to Alex that the dream that lead them to Mexico City also showed her a boy who she doesn’t want to be without. When she runs into Seb, the boy from her dream, she never expected him to be a half-angel. With jealous running high and constant new schemes coming to light will Alex and Willow’s relationship survive? Angel Fire was nowhere near as good as Angel Burn and I found Angel Fire to be somewhat of a letdown. The first half of the book was good, but it felt really slow. By the middle of the book I was ready to bang my head against the book because of the constant frustration I faced. The middle was slow and dragged on and on and on. The ending, though, damn it was good. The ending felt like I was reading Angel Burn again because I was so caught up in it. I didn’t want to put the book down and when I realized I was done my heart dropped. Let’s talk about the characters before I get to anything else. I feel like they need to be seriously addressed.

The main female character is once again Willow. Willow changed a lot and not in the way I would hope. She was frustrating. She didn’t know what she wanted and half the time she was constantly conflicted between her feelings for Alex and Seb. She was just not like the old Willow. She hardly fixed anything and she seemed so reliant on Alex and Seb. She lost her backbone. She wouldn’t even stand up for herself when the other AKs were being jerks she let Alex do it for her. What happened to the Willow Fields that told Alex off and stuck up for herself? I want that Willow back, not the one without any backbone. After she and Alex had their fight, what did she do? Well she made out with Seb. That pissed me off so much and then she told him she only loved him as a brother or friend. Would you make out with your brother? No, not unless you are Cathy from Flowers in the Attic. Willow did somewhat redeem herself in the end, but she was still annoying and in the next book she better go back to being awesome and not conflicted without a backbone.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 7

The main male characters were Alex and Sebastian AKA Seb. Alex is awesome and I think he’s a great guy. Granted his not the best male character out there but he’s a great one nonetheless. I think Alex’s jealousy was completely acceptable because I would’ve been ten times angrier if the guy was doing what Willow and Seb were doing. Alex is an even better guy because Kara was pretty much offering herself like a virgin sacrifice and he told her no. My hat goes off to Alex for not being a jerk and even though his gf was sucking faces with another guy, he wouldn’t stoop down to her level. We are introduced to Seb in the prologue where is robbing a house. I like Seb usually I’ll pick a team, but I knew Willow won’t pick Seb in the end. I felt bad for him not only because he went to some pretty unfair stuff, which Willow made all annoying because she would start crying like it happened to her, but he has always been in love with Willow. He was in love with Willow before he even knew her name. Sounds creepy right? Actually it’s not. Seb had always known there was another half-angel out there and he knew she was a girl around his age. Seb pretty much spent every waking moment looking for Willow. Once he found Willow he finds out she’s in love with another guy which sucks for him. Not only is he in love with a girl he knows will probably never love him the same way she pretty much toyed with his feelings *see above paragraph if you forgot* but she pretty much told him this
Why Esmerelda is my Hero Pictures, Images and Photos

Seb is a great guy and I hope he finds someone to be with in Angel Fever because he deserves happiness.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Alex- 9.5 Seb- 8

The Villain- Raziel is back and he’s got a plan that could destroy the world, humans and angels. Raziel is a very manipulating, condescending, controlling, and calculating villain. He’s everything most villains try to be. The thing his Raziel knows he’s most of these things, which makes him even more awesome. Most writers want a villain like Raziel and they try too hard or not hard enough. I don’t think Raziel is overdone or underdone, he’s perfect. If I say him coming down the street I would probably run away. He and Devina from Covet and Crave could be best friends. His goal in this novel is to kill the Twelve (Seraphim Council) and this may or may not kill every single angel. Charmeine is his accomplice but she’s also proven to be another worthy opponent for Raziel in the next novel.

Villain Scale: 9.5

We didn’t get to see any of Jonah in this novel, which I think is BS because he should be an AK. The AKs we do meet are Kara, Sam, Trish, Liz, Wes, and Brendan. Kara was supposed to be Willow’s rival for Alex’s affection but Kara was really just annoying and she was stupid. What was the point of the scene she pulled before the battle she just looked f-ing stupid? Sam was cool, Trish and Liz were really just there to give snide looks at Willow, Wes and Brendan hardly even had time to get any say in anything and I forgot all about Brendan and had to look up his name to remember who he was. I’m expecting the surviving AKs to get some more face time in the next novel, but I can do without Kara she’s just too impulsive to be a good hunter.

Character Scale: 8

My biggest problems with the book were the pacing and the characters. I also couldn’t stand the time spent in that AK thing it was boring and pointless. I felt like it was there to be an “obstacle” for Willow, but it failed at. I think it made the book weak and they could’ve been doing something more interesting. What about Willow’s mom and aunt? Their supposed deaths were mentioned at the beginning of the book, but then it seemed like once at the AK place she completely forgot about them and didn’t remember them until the last 8 pages. The best part of this book was the last 200 pages and since they redeemed this book I have high hopes for Angel Fever. Angel Fever you better make me proud.

Cover Thoughts: I don’t like this cover. Angel Burn’s cover was 10x better than this. The dress is ugly and I just don’t like it. The only cool part is once again the actual title art because it looks so awesome.

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