Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm Officially Done With Camp!!

What does that mean well it means that you can expect to me be more active again in the blogging world. Here's some things to expect of me for getting caught up.

REVIEWS! And lots of them! I'll be rereviewing a bunch of books that I've read previously this year or maybe a long time ago. Before Band Camp I did an exclusive Goodreads review of a Stephen King book I  read two years ago and that can be found here. Check it out and leave comments or like it. Please. Be on the look out for those reviews I promise they'll be worth reading. :D

TV TALK! That's right I'm bringing TV Talk back. I got behind the last couple of weeks and forgot completely about it. I'll post a TV TALK later today to catch up for the one I missed. If you don't know what TV TALK is it's a little thing I do here where I talk about a TV show that I watched during the week.

Music! Yep that's right I just discovered this new video from one of my favorite bands that I have yet to watch so be on the look out for that. I also hope to download the new Pierce the Veil album and I can't wait for the King for a Day video featuring Kellin from Sleeping with Sirens (another favorite band). Hopefully I'll be able to talk about more music which I haven't done in a while. I'll also probably talk about old music videos from bands that I love.

I want to talk about my Band Camp experience now. So I've never been to Band Camp before. I've never been in the band nor have I played an instrument. But since I'm in colorguard we march with the band during football season we are apart of the band which means I had to attend Band Camp or I wouldn't be on the guard anymore. My band camp experience was fun. Even though I've never sweat so much in my life and I have really bad tan lines that will not look attractive at homecoming I had fun. The work was hard, but it paid off. We had a band performance last night and it was good. I thought I did terrible since I messed up on my parallel (a toss) and I had to jump in five counts behind everyone, but I did a great recovery (YAY!). My parents and friends thought I did good, but you know I thought they were just saying that because well they are supportive of me whether I'm good or bad at what I'm doing, but when I was leaving my instructor told me I did a great job. That made me so happy to know that my instructor thought I did a good job even though I messed up. So yeah Band Camp went pretty well. The best thing about camp though was the food and the breaks we would get Popsicles or Sonic slushies. That was some of my band camp experience. It was fun. I'm looking forward to next year.

Thanks for reading this really long post. Sorry there were no gifs or pictures in this post, but I'll definitely have them in my reviews.

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