Friday, August 24, 2012

TV TALK: Adventure Time

Yep that's right I watch Adventure Time. So judge me, but I happen to think the show is amusing and idiotic. I love shows that can make laugh at the pure stupidity of it. I'd rather watch this than reruns on MTV. Adventure Time is like my go-to show when I need a smile or to feel better. I haven't watched it as much since school started, but I hope to start watching it again. There's no real storyline for Adventure Time since it's all pretty random and just out there. If you ever need to a laugh I recommend Adventure Time because well it's more appropriate for little kids than some shows *cough Family Guy cough*.

Adventure Time usually plays on Cartoon Network at 6:30 on Mondays but you can catch it periodically throughout the day if you know the right time to tune in.

1 comment:

  1. Aww the things I miss. We don't have cable so if we did I would love to watch this! Idiotic? Yup, that's for me. I wanna watch Cartoon Network again. :(