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Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #2)

Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

Second in the Black dagger Bortherhood series

5 stars

*Small spoilers may be ahead, but not big enough to effect you if you haven’t read the book*
We are once again back in Caldwell, New York where the war between vampires and lessers is still raging. Rhage deals with the constant battle between the beast inside him that he acquired when he angered the Scribe Virgin. Rhage is known for being promiscuous and a ladies’ man, but not for the reasons we thought. Rhage knows that his beast can come unhinged one day but the question is when. Mary Luce has survived many things thrown at her and when she is thrown into the vampire world under Rhage’s protection in the worst time possible the last thing she wants is love. With enemies coming closer, more problems await the Brotherhood. This book was amazing, just as amazing as the last and I’m pretty sure it shows what the next books will be just as amazing. So much drama, I love these books. Now let’s move onto the review without fangirling.

The main female character is Mary. Mary has it rough in this book. She is thrown into a world she doesn’t want to be in at the worst time possible. She finds out she’s sick again and I just wanted to give her a hug. Mary needs a hug and she needed life and laughter. Rhage gave that to her and I’m glad she got that. Mary was an awesome heroine. She had insecurities that could sometimes get annoying, like how she couldn’t believe Rhage was with her because she wasn’t attractive after being sick, but I understood why she had these insecurities. She was also extremely realistic about the situation between her and Rhage and knew that there was no way he loved her within a day, but I guess vamps fall faster than humans. Mary was still strong after all the stuff hurled her way and for that she’s awesome.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 8.5

The main male character is Rhage. Rhage is known as the ladies’ man. He always has a girl chasing after him and he’s nickname is Hollywood, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Rhage hates having meaningless sex. *gasp* Rhage is headstrong and he’s very impulsive, but hats off to him for constantly having to struggle with the beast. By the way, did anyone else think the reason he pissed off the Scribe Virgin was hilarious or was that just me?

Swoon Worthy Scale: 8.5

The Villain- This time we get to delve into the mind of Mr. O, another lesser who is under Mr. X. Let me just say this Mr. O is sick and twisted, but at the same time I felt bad for him because he wanted to be human again. Why I felt bad for him I don’t know because I think he’s a terrible excuse for a human when he was human, but I felt bad for him and then he did what he did at the end and now I hate him. I hate him just as much as Mr. X and I’m sure in the near future I’m going to end up hating him more because of his evil, sick, twisted, sadistic mind. I like these villains because they are sadistic. In my opinion you aren’t a true villain unless you’re sadistic. The Joker was sadistic and he’s was scary as hell so why shouldn’t Mr. O and Mr. X be any different. Ward makes good sadistic villains; I always end up being afraid of them.

Villain Scale: 9

Zsadist and Beth… I want to read more about them. I love them together and I want more. I need Lover Awakened now. In my hands, but I have to go to the library first. We get to see Wrath again, but hardly any Beth. Wellsie and Tohrment play a big role in this one and I think they are such a cute couple. Vishous, Phury, and Butch are also back and awesome. John Matthew is a new character. I have heard of John Matthew and have been curious as to who he is and let me say this… I love him. I think he’s going to make a great addition to the Brotherhood and I can’t wait to find out more about him.

Character Scale: 9.5

This book was no letdown and proves just how great of series BDB is. Now I am left fangirling over how amazing this series. I love it and I want more. Lots more and hopefully I’ll get my hands on more soon. Until then I’m off to read more books, but here’s this funny picture that keeps popping up all over my Facebook page. 
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Just imagine BDB being one of the thousands of books that could be used in this picture.

Cover Thoughts: I like the cover, but why does it look like Mary’s the vampire. She’s human not a vampire. Get it right.


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