Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Most Dangerous Game (Book and Movie Review)

The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell

4 stars

The Most Dangerous Game is a short story about a hunter who falls overboard and ends up on an isolated island where he discovers a mansion that looks like a castle. The owner of the mansion is a hunter as well and he wants to hunt play the most dangerous game with Rainsford. I had to read this for school and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It’s a wonderful short story with vivid pictures of the island and the way the story is told is suspenseful. Even though from the very beginning my class started guessing at what was going to happen (I was hoping cannibals and a human sacrifice) and though most of us seemed to have a valid or close guess the story was still enjoyable. I feel immature for saying this but I laughed at how Rainsford ended up becoming shipwrecked. I mean me and my friends were pretty much making fun of him for about the rest of class. I would recommend The Most Dangerous Game if you’re in for a short read and one that’s entertaining and somewhat suspenseful.


I watched this movie today in class, well watching it isn't the correct term because well here's my explanation. When we learned we were watching this movie in class the whole class erupted with joy. I love watching movies in class and it gives me a break from the constant note taking and lectures. I had enjoyed the story and was interested in watching the movie. The most current adaption of The Most Dangerous Game was in the 1920s so that meant we were watching a black and white movie. The acting was ridiculous and the characters didn't fit the descriptions at all. Ivan was supposed to be this scary Russian who I pictured to look somewhat like an old fashion hit-man, but in the movie he didn't look menacing at all. Rainsford was different from the character in the book, but probably the closest character to the actual book character. General Zaroff didn't have red lips or fangs. I know red lips isn't going to work in black and white, but I was expecting fangs/ pointy teeth. He also didn't look as sadistic or twisted as I pictured him while reading. There was this one part during the movie where he shined a flashlight on his face when Rainsford realized what he hunted but it was not menacing or the way it was revealed in the story. That bothered me too. I think the movie should've followed closer to the story. I always thought the original movies were the ones that followed close to the story or novel, but I have been proven wrong. There were also a lot of new characters that I found unnecessary like the brother and sister who were irrelevant and I could care less about. That girl was only put in the movie to be a love interest for Rainsford. I don't want a love interest I want Rainsford being hunted scouring up a frickin tree not holding some Mary Sue's hand as he plays hero and tries to save her life. If I wanted that I would've watched Batman or some other superhero movie (probably Batman because I think he's the best of the classic superheroes). I stopped watching about 15 minutes in though because the voices were annoying and overdone. I also didn't see the point in all these random people helping Zaroff on his island. Zaroff is only supposed to have one helper and that's Ivan, who is the option you go up against if you don't participate in the game (he's a knottier).

Overall this movie was a let down and if they ever remake it I hope it follows the story more.

I give this movie

2 stars because it wasn't all that bad and had some redeeming qualities.

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