Sunday, August 5, 2012

TV TALK: School Spirts

I know I'm sorry I'm late. I haven't done this in three weeks. I'm terrible. :( sorry So today I'll talk about a new series I've started watching on Syfy called

*drumroll please*

This show is about well haunted schools. It reminds me of this show I used to watch when I was little I think the show was called The Haunted. School Spirits interviews people with experiences surrounding spirits at schools. Sometimes the people they interview are just stupid and not scary at all. I like the creepy episodes that give me goosebumps and make me not want to go to bathroom alone or walk down a dark hall. Those are the episodes I watch if they don't do that I usually start to fade away and read my book. I'm reading Dark Side of the Moon right now so look out for that review. It's a pretty good show and I like it. There's nothing on Wednesdays right now so it's nice to have something to watch.

You can watch School Spirits on Wednesdays on Syfy ate 10/9c


  1. So it's a TV show that shows haunted schools and interview the students going there? Or is it all just a made up series of episodes. Both ways, I'm not sure I could watch it because I get scared of scary/horror. I hope you have a nice time reading Dark Side of the Moon, I haven't heard of that one. :)

    1. It shows interviews with people it happened to with actors recounting what they are saying. I have no clue if it's made up or not, either way I would still watch it it. I finished Dark Side of the Moon and loved it. A lot of people haven't heard of the Dark-Hunter series, but I think they are amazing.