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Born of Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Born of Silence (The League, #5)

Born of Silene by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Fifth in The League series

5 stars

Kere is the second most infamous member of the Sentella. He’s an explosive engineer who can scare even the toughest assassins of the League and it doesn’t hurt that he has a bounty on his head worth more than imaginable. But no one has ever seen Kere’s face, except for his other leading Sentella members, so no one knows who Kere is. Zarya Starska is a daughter of a traitor and hardly has any family left. As the leader of the Caronese Resistance she tries to overthrow the feared Arturo. The only person she trusts is Kere, a man whose face she’s never seen, but she has fallen deeply in love with. But Kere is actually Darling Cruel, heir to the Caronese empire and constant victim of his uncle, Arturo’s, hatred as well as anyone else who sees Darling as a punching bag or a cheap joke. In order to protect his mother from execution Darling has built his life on a lie that only one person knows the real truth about. But after being betrayed on the deepest level, Darling’s out for revenge and he wants blood and lots of it. Anyone that has hurt him in the past, present, or future as hell to pay including Zarya. Now Zarya has to figure out a way to save a man whose heart she destroyed and bring him back from the black rage that has consumed his entire being making a killing machine. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s League series is back and it hit hard with a vengeance. The last two books in the League series were great, but they had been missing something, but this book. OMG!!!!!! This book was absolutely amazing! It had everything: action, sex, blood, murder, love, betrayal, and everything amazing that you would expect in a Kenyon novel. Words don’t even describe how many emotions I felt reading this book. It was a roller coaster ride of awesomeness. Ms. Kenyon pulled a fast one on us the last books of the series having us think Darling was gay. We have been misguided and for that Kenyon you are a great writer and story teller. (But I already knew that.)

The main female character is Zarya. I had really liked Zarya the first part of the book, but then I wanted to bitch-slap her for what happened with Darling and her constant ignorance and slight stupidity. But she regained my favor and I forgave her. She’s a well-thought character that makes you feel emotions toward that isn’t just hatred or one particular feeling which IMO makes her a great heroine. Here's a reenactment of my feelings:
slap gif Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm sorry I wanted to slap you
Sorry Jake Pictures, Images and Photos 
But why do you make me feel conflicted  
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Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 8.5
The main male character is Darling. Darling was an even more thought-out character than Zarya. He was absolutely amazing. Darling made me feel what he felt and I felt so bad for him and all the injustices he went through. I’m sorry to say this ladies, but Darling was a more tortured hero than Syn. I mean think of the horrendous stuff he went through during the book and what happened to him in the past. Darling had been handed all the bad cards, but he finally got a good one and I’m so happy he did.
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NO! I said Kere, dang it I mean Darling;)
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Swoon-Worthy Scale: 9
The Villain- I love the League novels, because they usually have multiple villains and it makes more problems and a better story and I wasn’t disappointed when it came to villains.

Villain Scale: 8

Maris, I loved him. He was such a great character and I felt bad for him, because of his love for Darling that would never be returned, but he still stuck by him. Maris got a happy ending. YAY!

Character Scale: 10

I was blown away with this book.
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I’m so excited for Hauk’s book. I can’t wait for more of the League and their swoon worthy guys. :) I highly recommend giving this series a shot and if you weren’t impressed with the previous novels give it a shot anyway, because it is an amazing read.

Cover Thoughts: It reminds me a lot of Caillen’s cover, but I don’t care because I love the cover anyway.


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