Friday, July 13, 2012

TV TALK: Ghost Adventures

Guess what's on TV tonight? It's a new episode... I bet you can't guess.
Drum roll please

This is one of my favorite shows on TV. I am a huge Ghost Adventure fan ever since I discovered them one lonely Friday holiday and it was a marathon about a year ago. Ghost Adventures is one of the best ghost hunting shows on TV. I'm not a fan of most ghost hunting shows on TV like this certain one on Syfy that I won't mention because they are repetitive and seem to say the same thing for a whole hour in one episode. Not something I want to waste my time watching. Ghost Adventures is my guilty pleasures on Friday. Even the reruns keep my night entertained and hoping for more. Zak, Nick, and Aaron go to haunted locations just the three of them no cameramen and get locked down for a whole night till dawn.

Ghost Adventures plays on Travel Channel at 9/8c

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