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Covet by J.R. Ward

Covet (The Fallen Angels, #1)

Covet by J.R. Ward

First in The Fallen Angels series

5 stars

We are introduced to Jim Heron, a man with a dark who dies in a freak accident at work on a construction site. Jim learns that he has been assigned to the task of saving seven souls from the clutches of evil. These souls are key to winning the battle between good and evil (angels and demons). Oh, and did I mention that this war isn’t guns and bullets… FOOTBALL. Well at least played like football. Jim’s first assignment is Vin DiPietro. Vin is a workaholic who only cares about money. The woman he is with is as cold as him and that’s just the way he wants it. Marie-Terese spends her life on the run and constantly looking over her shoulder.
Covet follows a bunch of different people, through multiple POVS. If you have problems with multiple POV books, then you should probably pass this one up, but still at least think about giving this book a shot because it’s super good. So give a shot anyway. I wasn't a hundred percent sucked into this book when I started reading (which could’ve been because I was also watching TV and reading during the commercials), but after five or six pages I started to warm up to it and then I was hooked. There was so much drama and I was never bored. J.R. Ward can definitely pull of good drama that has me on the edge of my seat.

The main female character is Marie-Terese. When I first saw her name I was like “What kind of name is that?” Now, I like her name and let’s face it she was an interesting character. I sympathized for her and felt happy for her. That’s the kind of heroine I like to read about. She was just cool and she kept me interested.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale:8

There are two main male characters, so I’ll start with Jim.
Jim was boring at first and then he won me over. I love Jim and when I can go from hating a character to loving one it’s great and that makes me happy. Plus I feel so bad for him. :( But I love his flaws.
The other male character was Vin. I loved Vin and I’m so happy he got a happy ending. Vin was so cold-hearted at the beginning of the book, but he started to soften when he met Marie-Terese.

Swoon Worthy Scale:Jim=8 Vin=9

The Villain- Mwhahaha. OK so the villain, Devina was a villain straight up hard-core, scary villain. She’s a demon for one thing and she’s vindictive and manipulative. This makes her a great villain and a terrible person or thing. Since she’s a demon I’m not sure what to call her.

Villain Scale- broke my scale

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Character Scale-10+

Did I mention there’s no love-triangle?
I’m glad I picked this book up at the library. Even though I was hoping for the next DBD, this book didn’t disappoint and I highly recommend it.

Cover Thoughts: I think it’s sexy and it fits the book.

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