Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Music Video

Hello everyone! I have another music video from one of my favorite YouTubers.

Shane Dawson has finally released the music video for his new single The Vacation Song! The song is amazing and it's just one of those songs that easy to sing along to. The music video is great and I love it! We get to see a lot of Shane's friends/characters. In the video we get to see Shanna (I love her she's hilarious), Lisa (they are such a cute couple), Shananay (I love her), S-Deezy (love him), Gabby who is a nerd this time instead of a pregnant teen and some other people. I love the video it's so laid-back.

Here's the Video:

The Vacation Song 


  1. I need a VACATION CATION CATION! I need A VACATION CATION CATION! There's nothing you can doooooooooooo! Hehe I loved the video, it looked all professional and whatnot! My little shane is growing up! Him and his gf are so freaking adorable! And him and shanna making out had me laughing so hard!!

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story