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The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter

The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, #2)

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter

Second in the Lords of the Underworld series

5 stars

The Darkest Kiss picks up about a couple of days or weeks (I’m not sure) after The Darkest Night. We are introduced to Anya, the goddess of anarchy. She was the goddess secretly helping Maddox and Ashlyn in the previous book. Anya is hated by every single god or goddess she’s ever come across and she’s being hunted by the now ruling Cronus. She’s been following Lucien since she first seen him. Lucien houses the demon Death inside and is compelled to constantly escort souls into heaven or the depths of hell. Lucien doesn’t want anything to do with Anya, even though he is more attracted to her than his past love, but he knows that nothing good can come from their relationship. Now he has even more of a reason not to become involved since Cronus has charged him with killing Anya.
I’m so happy I got to read this book. Reasons for why I’m happy:
1.There’s Lucien.
2.Anya is kick-ass. (Excuse my French)
3.There’s Lucien.
4.There is fighting and battle scenes.
5.The Lords are searching for Pandora’s Box.
So yeah, this book is pretty cool and I wasn’t bored and I definitely enjoyed it more than the first. I also liked the different POVS (Danika, Paris, Reyes, and Aeron) and I really liked Paris’s POV in this one and I wasn’t a huge fan of him in the last book.

The main female character is Anya. Anya was hands-down my favorite character in this novel (sorry Lucien). I wish more heroines were like Anya. She’s snarky and she doesn’t hold anything back. If she doesn’t like you it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t like you. Aside from that she can also fight. I love when a heroine can hold her own and isn’t a damsel in distress.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 10

Lucien is the main male character and I love Lucien. He’s so hot, aside from that he had good character depth. He was interesting and I feel bad for him. I think Death is one of the worst demons of the Lords, not the worst, but one of the worst.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Broke my scale

The Villain- Again the villains are the Hunters and they are starting to make their presence more known. The other villain though is Cronus. I forgot to mention him when I review The Darkest Night, but Cronus is a jerk. I don’t like him, he doesn’t scare me though. I still don’t like him and I think he’s a JERK.

Villain Scale- 6
Character Scale-9.5

I really like where the series is going and I’m looking forward to more the Lords.

Cover Thoughts: I absolutely love this cover. The guy on the cover (Lucien) is hot and my future husband. I love his eyes and the blue shade makes it look the moon is shining down over him. This is definitely one of my favorite covers.

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