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Crave by J.R. Ward

Crave (The Fallen Angels, #2)

Crave by J.R. Ward

Second book in The Fallen Angels series

4.5 stars

Jim Heron is back and ready for his next mission. After winning the last battle with the demon, Devina, his feeling pretty confident about his next battle. Isaac Rothe is a black ops soldier on the run. Never staying in one place for more than week is the way he lives and fighting for money provides the essentials. He finds himself behind bars and captivated by his public defender, Grier Childe. Who will win the battle this time? Who soul is safe and what will happen to Isaac and Grier?

The main female character is Grier Childe. Grier wasn’t anything special. I’m not sure what it was about her, but she annoyed me. I feel sorry for her and what happened with her brother, but that’s all I felt. That and wanting to slap her on an occasion. She tried to come off as strong character, but at the same time it made me think that she was stupid. Really, the only thought going through my head most of the time during her POV was “Why can’t you be like Marie-Terese? Why?” She’s not the worst character ever, but I’m sad to say I like Devina a lot more than I liked her.

Kick-Butt Heroine Scale: 4.5

There are two main characters and I’m gonna start with Jim.
Jim… Jim!!!!! I love him! He’s cool, strong, smart, and good-looking. In Crave, we got to see Jim start to become a true player in the game and he had character growth.
The second male character, Isaac, worked with Jim in the black OPS. I liked Isaac, but not as much as Vin. In fact, now that I think about I liked the souls Jim saves a lot less. Isaac was strong and I liked him at first, but Grier made him less enjoyable, but I’m happy they got a happy ending.

Swoon Worthy Scale: Jim=9 Isaac=6

The Villain- There are two villains this time. Mwhahahahaha! Matthias is the new villain and I know I should hate his guts, but by the end of the book I just wanted to cry for him.
It’s Devina! She’s back and badder than ever. I’m still also very afraid of her. She's so cruel and crazy, but it wouldn't be the same without her.
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Devina gets her own gif, because she’s that scary!
Villain Scale: Broke my scale
Character Scale: 6

Even though I didn’t love this book as much as I loved Covet, I still love the series and I can’t wait to read Envy.

Cover Thoughts: I love this cover a lot more than Covet. I was a huge fan of the Covet cover, but this cover is beautiful. I love the tattoo in the back and how it branches off his body into the background. It’s so intricate. Plus the guy is hot and that’s always a bonus.


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