Friday, June 22, 2012

TV TALK: Pretty Little Liars

TV TALK is a weekly feature on my blog where I talk about a TV show.

This week I'm talking about my favorite show on TV.

 Pretty Little Liars Season 3

Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show on TV. It has pretty much everything a girl could ask for: hot boys, cat fights, romance, drama, murder, psychopaths, and stalkers. Pretty Little Liars is now on it's 3rd season, which I'm so happy about. Tuesdays in the summer are Pretty Little Liar nights and I tune in every Tuesday. If you haven't watched the previous seasons and hope to watch them don't read on because I'm giving away SPOILERS.

Last season on PLL, we were left with the shocking season finale of Mona being A. It wasn't that shocking to me because I heard she was one of the As in the books and I hoped they might make her A. Mona is one crazy chick. So far this season, we have seen quiet, drugged, creepy Mona and on Tuesday's previous episode she was bright, sunny Mona. Then towards the end of the episode she went loco because Caleb can do that, but I'm sure it wasn't because of his raging hotness and just because Mona is putting on a show. I think Mona is faking craziness so she doesn't go to jail, I mean she hit Hanna with her car that's a federal offense. Now that we have another A, the girls are back on edge. Let's talk about the girls and some more of the PLL drama.
Hanna was sneaking around to visit Mona and Caleb is being all protective and he doesn't want her going around her.
Emily is recovering over Miya's murder and she got drunk one night and the girls found her in front of Allison's dug up grave.
Spencer and Toby's relationship is heating up and Spencer has to deal with her mom taking over Garrett's case for killing Allison and Miya.
Aria is dealing with her parents' divorce, her father's old affair with a student, her relationship with her ex-teacher, Ezra, and did I mention her mom finished Emily's test so Emily could pass.
The girls just found out that Jenna could see.
I love all this drama.
I still can't believe I haven't read the books yet.
Pretty Little Liars plays on ABC FAMILY at 8/7c on Tuesdays.

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